Request for Proposals – School Food Service Program

KIPP Massachusetts invites written proposals from qualified companies for service of the food service program at its middle and elementary school, co-located at 37 Babson St, Mattapan 02126. Service includes the school breakfast and school lunch programs for 504 students in FY17. Interested companies may request it from Emily Hepler at Proposals are due by 5pm on 15 April 2016.

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KIPP Holds Elementary School Lottery



The KIPP Academy Lynn charter school will grow by 120 students in 2016/2017 with the opening of a new 1st grade class at KIPP Academy Lynn Elementary at 20 Wheeler Street.  KIPP Academy Lynn K-12 currently serves 1,037 students in the Kindergarten, 5th to 12th grades at its elementary, middle and high schools.  Over the next 4 years, in addition to adding students to its existing grades, KIPP Academy Lynn will add a projected 480 students in grades 1-4.

Even though there were over 550 applications, there were only spots for 81 new kindergarten students, according to Eveleen Hsu, founding school principal of KIPP Academy. Last year, she said there were only 280 applications. With so many applications, and a cafeteria that has a max capacity of 270 people, she said the fire department had to be on scene.

Although each grade has 120 spots, Hsu said if a kindergarten applicant has a sibling at the charter school, that student gets in and doesn’t have to go through the lottery. All applicants who don’t get in through the lottery get placed on the waiting list.

Families were invited and encouraged to attend the lotteries that took place at 90 High Rock Street on March 3, 2016 for the elementary school @ 5:30 pm, March 1-2 for the middle school and March 4 for the high school.

KIPP Lynn and Lynn Public Schools currently serve students with similar demographics in first language not English, Limited English proficient, economically disadvantaged, African American, Hispanic and special education, though current enrollment for African American and Hispanic students is slightly higher at KIPP Academy Lynn.

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