Family & Community Learning

At KIPPMA, we form a close partnership with families and the communities in which we work to help all our students reach their full potential.  We believe that we are teaching in the community, not just in our classrooms.  We are committed to empowering our families and communities with the training and resources necessary to live a life of choice.

Our Family and Community Learning program offers ongoing classes to the parents, families and community members of our KIPPsters.  We offer English as a Second Language, Citizenship, Computer Literacy classes, parenting workshops, book clubs, as well as community social gatherings, such as potlucks or movie screenings. We currently have over 300 adults enrolled in our Lynn program, and over 150 enrolled in Boston with many on the waiting list.  Refer to each KIPP school’s google calendar to learn more about upcoming classes and events for families.

To review some of the classes offered in Boston in SY2017-18, go to Fall 2017 Boston Family and Community Learning Flyer 6.26.17. And to review some of the classes offered in Lynn in SY2017-18, go to FCL Letters 2017-2018 English and Spanish

Thank you!

For more information or to sign up for a class, call us at 781-808-3901 or email us at