Regional Leadership Team

Myisha Rodrigues

Managing Director of KIPP Through College and Career

Myisha R. Rodrigues, LMHC, is the Regional Managing Director of KIPP Through College and Career at KIPP Massachusetts Public Charter Schools. With over 15 years of experience in the education, mental health, and non-profit sectors, she has committed to facilitating the healing and development of individuals, organizations, and systems through leadership, coaching, and management as well as creative consultancy. Myisha is currently leading the development and implementation of a regional community of practice at KIPP Massachusetts to establish trauma-sensitive and healing centered practice throughout their k-16 program. Her praxis is guided by social justice advocacy, a critically conscious philosophy, trauma-informed leadership, and a solutions-oriented lens. Myisha has enjoyed presenting at local, national, and international conferences aiding in the professional development of her peers. As a licensed mental health counselor and certified Clinical Trauma Professional, her clinical practice is further enhanced with expressive arts, sensorimotor therapy, and mind-body practices. Myisha earned a B.A. from Emory University in Dance and Movement Studies and an M.A. in Mental Health Counseling from Boston College. She is currently a PhD Candidate of Counseling & Psychology with a concentration in Transformative Leadership, Education, and Applied Research at Lesley University. Additionally, she is earning a certificate in Non-profit Leadership from Tufts University’s Institute for Non-Profit Practice and a graduate certificate in Trauma and Learning from Lesley University. Myisha serves on the Executive Council of the International Society for Policy, Research, and Evaluation in School Based Counseling (ISPRESC) and is a member of SEL4MA’s (Socio-Emotional Learning for Massachusetts’) Policy Committee.