Teacher Development

At KIPP Massachusetts, we believe our most valuable asset is our people.  We seek passionate, committed teachers who want to grow with their students and who seek to change lives through high-quality instruction.


Continuous learning is one of KIPP’s core values , and we make a commitment to each of our teachers to help them learn and improve at each stage of their career. We prioritize and invest in unparalleled professional development for all of our staff, from on-going coaching and school-wide trainings to national conferences and retreats.

Coaching, Observations and Feedback:

Every teacher at KIPP:MA has an instructional coach who observes lessons and provides individualized and targeted feedback weekly or bi-weekly throughout the year. At the start to the school year, teachers meet with their coaches to set goals for how students will learn and grow that year and also how that teacher wants to learn and grow.

Professional Development at your School:

Each Friday (Boston) or Wednesday (Lynn) afternoon, the school day ends early so that each of our school teams can gather for professional development. Professional development can range from a workshop on a topic that benefits all teachers (like improving accommodations and modifications for special education students) to opportunities to align on culture with your grade level team or analyze exit ticket data with a co-teacher.

The KIPP:MA Team and Family:

Across KIPP:MA schools, our teachers and staff connect and collaborate three times annually at the KIPP:MA Team and Family Days. On these days, all our teachers and staff from across the region gather for a variety of workshops and structured conversations across grade levels and subjects.

Framework for Excellent Teaching:

In 2011, the KIPP Foundation introduced the KIPP Framework for Excellent Teaching, a tool that provides a common language for all our teachers across the country to share best practices. The framework helps us collaborate and focus our instructional coaching.

Conferences and Speakers

KIPP School Summit (KSS) is the annual gathering of the entire KIPP Team and Family to connect, learn, and share with our colleagues and friends from across the country. This network-wide event offers specialized learning experiences with high-quality presenters across a wide range of topics. KSS ensures that teachers and staff can return to their classrooms and offices armed with best practices and tools to foster excellence and better serve our students.

Sharing & Collaboration

KIPP Share is the place for KIPP leaders, teachers, and staff to connect, join communities, and access key resources like recommended curriculum and the College Counseling Toolkit.