Teaching with KIPP MA

Across the two unique communities of Boston and Lynn, KIPP MA staff, kids and families are proving that demographics do not determine destiny and that our students can and will achieve academic and college outcomes similar to their peers in more affluent communities. Every teacher believes in our kids’ potential and is committed to our goal of 75% of our students graduating from college and 100% living a life of choice and independence.

What makes teaching at KIPP MA unique?

High ExpectationsKIPP MA believes in clearly defined and measurable high expectations for academic achievement and conduct that creates and reinforces a culture of achievement and support. We know that every student is different and we personalize learning based on a student’s needs, skills and interests.  
Safe and Supportive School EnvironmentImagine working at a school where the teacher across the hall is an expert in his or her subject and you plan together each week. KIPP MA schools encourage team planning and build time into the schedule for teachers to observe each other, share great ideas, and get inspiration.
Strength of CharacterAt KIPP MA, teacher growth is as important as student growth. With regular observation and feedback cycles, our teachers and school leaders meet weekly to review lesson plans, celebrate successes, and plan next steps to ensure that our teachers continue to grow year after year.