Join us this Summer at Boston GT Steam Academy


WHAT WE DO We lead dynamic, engaging, 4-week STEAM Academies – science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics summer enrichment – for rising fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. Our students learn, create, build, design, and grow together in small classes with caring teachers.

WHO WE ARE We are Generation Teach. We create inclusive summer learning communities where students are taught, nurtured, advised, and inspired by college and high-school students from across the city and the country.

Is the program free? The program is tuition-free to students and families. Is transportation provided? Transportation is not provided, but we strive for a central location so that students are able to access the school sites.

Are meals provided? Breakfast and lunch are provided every day. What are the hours? Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
JULY 2 – JULY 27


Summer Program Dates
• 6 months of growth in Reading* • 3 months of growth in Math* • 94% of families would recommend GT • 91% of families believe their child is better prepared for school after GT • Special Events: College Visit, Open House, Academic Triathlon, Education Expo *Average student growth in our 5-week Summer Academy
ENROLLMENT DEADLINE: March 31 or until all spots are filled

KIPP ACADEMY BOSTON 37 Babson St, Mattapan, MA 02126

Click here at 2018 Boston GT STEAM Academy  and 2018 Boston GT STEAM Academy Spanish  to learn more.

KIPP Academy Boston Hosts Three Lottery Application Information Sessions for Prospective Families

KIPP Academy Boston will host 3 lottery application information sessions to help prospective families fill out the Boston public charter school common application (published here in 9 languages) on January 10, 19 and February 5, 2017.  Student Ambassadors will be at the information session to  give tours of KIPP for interested families.

Click here @ walk-with-kipp to learn more.

‘It’s Heartbreaking’: Boston Parents Ask Why Their Wealthy Neighbors Are Fighting Charter Schools

Boston, Massachusetts.

What’s the matter with Newton?

That’s what Dawn Tillman wants to know. Why would her neighbors in the hyper-upscale Boston suburb of Newton, located just eight miles to the west, deny a KIPP charter high school to a kid in hyper-downscale Roxbury, where she lives?

Not just any kid. Tillman is thinking of her son, Brandon, who currently attends a KIPP middle school but faces dicey prospects for high school. KIPP could quickly expand its current middle school into a high school, but the current cap on charter schools prevents that.

Oddly, the question on the Massachusetts November 8 ballot to raise the current cap on charter schools — Should charter schools be allowed to expand by 12 a year? — will be decided by white suburban voters in places such as Newton, which lacks a single charter school “threatening” its budget.

At first, it appeared logical that suburbs such as Newton would support lifting the charter cap. This is where Boston’s business class lives, historically wary of unions and always hopeful for a better-educated state. Many of the top business leaders in Boston, those funding the lift-the-cap ads running on TV, live in suburbs like Newton.

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