KIPP MA Honors and Celebrates Latinx & Hispanic Heritage Month

KIPP MA kicked off our celebration of Latinx and Hispanic heritage month on Tuesday September 15th with a video message from Executive Director Rhonda “Nikki” Barnes. Families, you can watch the video message in this weeks family newsletter from the Executive Director: 9/18 Regional Update to Families (English & Spanish).

In the video message we hear music from Anacaona, who was a Taino chief, artist, and hero to the Hispaniola people of her time. She opposed the Spanish colonizers and refused the suffering of her people at the hand of invaders.  Her legacy lives on through music today. To listen to the full video please visit this link.

We are excited to honor and celebrate the stories of our Latinx community! Throughout the next 4 weeks, we will highlight and celebrate our Latinx teammates and families and most importantly – learn FROM them. Join us!

We would love to hear what your Latinx heritage means to you and see how your family celebrates Latinx heritage month. We can’t wait to share stories, pictures, poems, lyrics, recipes, or other activities you’d like to share. Please complete this form to share!

We will be sharing these stories, pictures, recipes, and other celebrations on our social media pages. Please be sure to follow us on Instagram (@kippma) and Facebook (@KIPP Massachusetts)!

The Summer 2020 Remote KIPPternship Experience

After a very busy summer working for their organizations, our 2020 KIPPterns  wrapped up their internships on July 31st. The second year of the KIPPternship program was all virtual, but the experience was just as valuable for our KIPP alumni. A very special thank you to our donors for making the KIPPtern experience possible and to Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu, The Blue Lab, and Union Capital Boston for partnering with our KIPPterns to create an impactful virtual experience. Our KIPPterns share their reflections below, but please also  enjoy the video recap of the KIPPtern 2020 experience here.

Brian Leon, KALC Class of 2020, Centre College 2024

Internship: The Blue Lab

At first the experience, especially calling people, was unfamiliar and overwhelming. But, I asked questions and I grew throughout my time with The Blue Lab. I learned through this experience that I like politics, but I definitely want to be out in front not behind the scenes.”

Domini Guscott, KALC 2020, Boston University 2024

Internship: Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu

“The experience meant a lot to me, to work  with others who share the same passions and interests as me. It was great to be matched with someone who has so much experience and knowledge, I learned a lot from the people I worked with.”

Mercedes Matos, KALC 2019, Boston University 2023

Internship: The Blue Lab

“I really enjoyed the experience- I’m even staying on and working with the same candidates until the primaries. The candidates I was working with are really great and are open to new ideas. It was really great to get campaign experience early on in my career”

Gabriel Clark, KALC 2019, Dartmouth College 2023 

Internship: Union Capital Boston

“I really enjoyed seeing things at the base level, it’s really impactful to see people literally engaging in the community and the actual work of providing resources and creating more resources through social capital. I didn’t know a ton about the census before this event and I  feel way more informed in conversations about the census.”

Leia Payano, KALC 2020, UMass Amherst 2024

Internship: Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu

“I learned about how city counsel is not just one person, it’s a collective group who are making decisions together, which was really cool. I enjoyed helping my community and putting together resources.”

Ashley Giron, KALC 2020, Fitchburg State University 2024

Internship: The Blue Lab

“The KIPPternship was all about new experiences. I was able to connect with people who share similar passions around voting rights, putting the right people in office and supporting them.”


KALC Graduate Featured in Interview with Mass Cultural Council

Lynn, MA – July 28th, 2020 – Hannah Parker (KALC Class of 2019) just wrapped up her first year at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. Last year Hannah was part of a group of dedicated teens ages 16-19, from the Creative Youth Development (CYD) organization, Raw Art Works. In her interview with Mass Cultural Council, Hannah shares her insights regarding equality, equity, the power of protesting, her creative process, and how she believes we can all become “catalysts of change.”

Read the full interview with Hannah and the Mass Cultural Council here.

KIPP Alum Estefani Orellana Garcia Featured in Boston Globe

Lynn, MA – July 22nd, 2020- The restaurant and hospitality industry has been in a state of upheaval since COVID-19 hit. KIPP alum, Estefani Orellana Garcia, and her mother, Fidelina Garcia, opened Estefani’s restaurant on Union Street in Lynn right before the pandemic hit. Estefani’s re-opened in May for takeout and delivery, and recently began allowing dine in services. Check out their Facebook page for more information on how they are operating through the re-opening phases.

The Globe piece follows the story of five women, who all started their own restaurant business in Lynn over the past year, and how they are managing their business through the challenges of COVID-19. Read the full piece here: