Please consider supporting KIPP Massachusetts, Inc. with a donation. Your impact can be even greater if your company has a matching gift program. You can find a list of companies here. KIPP Massachusetts Inc. is a not-for-profit partner that supports the work of our two districts, KIPP Academy Lynn Charter School and KIPP Academy Boston Charter School, in Massachusetts. Both are public schools open to any child free of charge. There are no admission hurdles, no entrance exams and no tuition. Your tax deductible gift today provides a joyful and rigorous education for over 2,000 students in Boston and Lynn. It also provides a comprehensive alumni support program for over 1,000 alumni that ensures success to and through college, or other post-secondary paths, so our students can lead lives of independence and impact.

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Get Involved!

Volunteer at KIPP Massachusetts, Inc. and become a vital part of our team and family. As a volunteer, you are helping to support our teachers and leaders as we help our kids climb the mountain to and through college, career, and beyond.

We will work with all interested volunteers to determine the best fit with the volunteers’ interests and schedules, and according to our greatest needs.

Please email and provide your name, phone number, and email, and we will contact you for volunteering.