Future Impact

KIPP MA PLANS for the Future: 4100 students by 2026

“Across KIPP MA’s schools more classrooms than ever are primed for monumental growth and achievement academically and more students than ever are developing the agency and strong self identity necessary to lead adult lives of independence and impact.

We do not believe in schools where students sit silently waiting to be told what to do by the teacher. I regularly observe classrooms in our schools where students are leaping from their seats to share thoughts about complex texts in history and English while tackling knotty problems in math and science. Our 8th graders are designing toys for students with cerebral palsy and the top student engineers will have a chance to present their designs to Boston Children’s Hospital.

This evolution and improvement in teaching and learning is the result of relentless teacher effort, coaching and feedback and hundreds of leader observations and interventions. We know that great teaching doesn’t just improve test scores, it changes how students feel about learning and their own efficacy.

As we move toward educating more and more students and educating them better than ever; we are committed to impacting each student’s future beyond our walls.”

– Caleb Dolan | Executive Director

  • “Perhaps the most exciting discovery this summer was the tight and organic alignment of my vision with Fari­da’s vision for our kids and families. In addition to a common vision, we also have complementary strengths and work styles. Consistent collab­oration with one another during the design process and the operation of our schools will be a powerful lever in building a highly effective K-8 pathway for our kids, families, and teachers.”

    – Emily Dobell, Fisher Fellow
    KIPP Lynn Elementary School Leader

  • “Emily Dobell and I have been working closely together to develop a rich vision, rooted in joy, academics, and community. We are tightly aligned, yet have different working styles that allow us to collaborate, push one another’s thinking and most importantly, find joy in the complexity of building our school. We look forward to continuing to share resources and seek feedback from one another and our community as we bring our school visions to life.”

    – Farida Graham, Fisher Fellow
    KIPP Lynn Middle School Leader

Our monumental growth and achievement goals for K-12 Kippsters are…

KIPP MA will provide a high quality education to over 4,100 students by 2026

Why Financial Sustainability Matters

  • To realize monumental growth and achievement with KIPPsters across a rigorous and aligned K-12  curriculum
  • To grow to reach more students in educationally underserved communities across Massachusetts
  • To enable alumni, parents, and families to develop the power to make political change

Our plan is to expand to include a second Elementary School and Middle school in Lynn (beginning in FY19) and opening an Elementary, Middle and High School in one additional community (beginning in FY2023)

Future KIPP MA Lynn High School

  • Attend the following Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Meetings:

    • Tuesday, December 19, 2017
    • Tuesday, January 23, 2018
    • Tuesday, February 27, 2018 (vote on KIPP Lynn Expansion)

    All meetings begin at 8:30 am at the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, 75 Pleasant Street, Malden.

  • Come visit KIPP Lynn! Take a tour. Meet our students, teachers and leaders.

  • Submit a letter of support for two new KIPP Lynn Schools and the expansion of KIPP Lynn Collegiate.

    We want to serve more families in Lynn and are looking for support from the community to share with the Department of Early & Secondary Education. You can submit a letter of support directly to the Family & Community Engagement team, aude@kippma.org.

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