BY HAROLD RIVERA | September 7, 2017

LYNN — KIPP Academy football coach Jim Rabbitt didn’t know what to expect from his team in Thursday’s season opener against Atlantis Charter at Manning Field.

Rabbitt liked what he saw from the Panthers in the preseason, but scrimmages and live games are much different.

Needless to say, Rabbitt was very pleased when the Panthers, in their inaugural season, sent their fans home happy with a 28-0 win over Fall River’s Atlantis.

“I’m very pleased,” Rabbitt said. “We came out on fire and we were sharp. We had energy and we played with passion, and that’s all we ask of the team. We made some mistakes but that’s to be expected with the learning curve. We asked them to come out with energy and they did.”

Rabbitt was also pleased by the support the KIPP fans showed by attending the game and rooting on the Panthers. The crowd’s support made Thursday’s game an unforgettable experience for Rabbitt and his players.

“We walked out of the locker room and the second we can onto the tarp, everyone was cheering,” Rabbitt said. “These guys have never had that before. They all looked up and they were pretty pumped up about it. You can feel the excitement, not just on the team but in the community.” Read more here.