BY | November 21, 2017

Some would say that the KIPP Academy football team’s inaugural season has been a success and it’s hard to argue against that.

The Panthers won their season opener, stumbled into a six-game losing streak, but won their last two games to stand at 3-6 on the year. Now they have one final objective to reach: finish the season with a win on Thanksgiving at Milford.

“Our goal is to leave it all on the field on Thanksgiving,” Panthers coach Jim Rabbitt said. “We’re looking to play our best game and our seniors want to leave a legacy of hard-work behind. If we can give it our all and end on that note, that’ll be a success for us on Thanksgiving.”

Getting that win is easier said than done as Milford, 4-6, is a Division 3 team that made the state tournament before bowing out in the South sectional quarterfinals after a 9-7 loss to Duxbury.

“Milford plays a tough schedule,” Rabbitt said. “To me, their record means nothing. We watched them on film. They’re a double-tight, double-wing team. They’re big up front and they’re aggressive. They’re well-coached. I’m sure they’ll have a lot of fans and alumni there so we’re going up to the lion’s den to compete.”

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