High School Transition

After opening our Middle School in 2004, we opened our first High School, KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate (KALC),  in 2011 and then our first Elementary School in 2015, allowing us to offer a complete K-12 education in Lynn.

KALC has a college counseling staff of four who work with our students to provide the college match and financial support services our students need to move on to college or a post secondary education.  See KALC School Profile.SY17 for more detail about the KALC school programs.

We currently have no KIPP based High School options for our 8th grade students in Boston.  Although our aim is to provide a full K-12 education to students in Boston, we are, for the time being, unable to do so due to the current legislative cap on charter school seats.  We are not giving up on our commitment to a full K-12 education for all our KIPPsters, and will continue to push for legislative change. In the meantime, we will continue to advocate for more high performing schools in the communities that need them most.

Until we are able to serve students at all grade levels in Boston, our KTC staff will work with those students for whom a KIPP high school is not an option to ensure the best high school placement and continue to follow and support them to and through college and in life.