Writers use poetry and prose in protest of Trump’s election

The “promise of democracy” that Martin Luther King Jr. spoke about in his iconic “I Have a Dream” speech feels very distant today, but not just because of the controversial recent election, Daniel Evans Pritchard told a somber audience at a “counter-inauguration” hosted by a group that called itself Writers Resist.

“The president-elect’s role in this drama is small compared to the forces that put him where he is,” said Pritchard, an organizer of the event, to a packed auditorium in the Boston Public Library. “The forces that today, here, across the globe, we have come together to resist.”

Michelle Garcia, an 18-year-old high school senior at KIPP Academy in Lynn, deftly switched between lines that were humorous and painful, slow and quick, light and deep all at once, in her poem about being “bougie.”

The word, which means acting higher than your class, is never used for white women, she said. Only women of color, like her — and her mother.

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