Community Engagement


Every person has the opportunity to engage in a life-long journey of learning to forge their own path and create a better future for themselves, their families, and their community.


Together with families and communities, we work in solidarity to support learning and development for adults to gain the knowledge and life skills to navigate systems, build social capital, and improve quality of life.


At KIPP MA, we form a close partnership with families and the communities in which we work to help all our students reach their full potential.  We believe that we are teaching in the community, not just in our classrooms.  We are committed to empowering our families and communities with the training and resources necessary to live a life of choice.

Serving Our Community

Our Family and Community Learning program offers ongoing classes to the parents of our KIPPsters, families and community members living in or near Lynn and Mattapan.  We offer English as a Second Language, Citizenship, Computer Literacy classes, Financial Literacy, parenting workshops, book clubs, as well as community social gatherings, such as potlucks or movie screenings.  Last year we launched a new Civic Engagement Series in Boston where City Councilors and Massachusetts Education Leaders spoke to participants about How to Run for Office, How to Serve on a Board of Directors, How to Advocate for Your Child’s Education and How to be more Engaged in Your Local Community.  We currently have over 300 adults enrolled in our Lynn program, and over 150 enrolled in Boston with many on the waiting list.  Refer to each KIPP school’s google calendar to learn more about upcoming classes and events for families.

For more information or to sign up for a class, call us at 781-808-3901 or email us at  

About the Classes

Founded in 2007, the Family and Community Learning Program has been serving our community for over 12 years.  Our Family and Community Learning Program Services include:

*Child care is available for children (ages 4+) of students attending our Family and Community Learning Program

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Student Testimonials

Luis German: “It is very positive, the way it has helped me a lot in understanding better when people talk. Even though I had some knowledge of the language, I’ve been able to improve my speaking and listening ability, and now I understand more.  At work it has helped me because for instance I am now able to help others when they have a hard time understanding something in English. The program is like a grand slam for the community.”

Manushka Remy: “I think the class has helped me in my dream to go to college and with my work.  I understand better. For instance for a long time I did not understand what was being said in the train announcements when taking the orange line, and since taking classes I now understand what it is being said, it made me feel very happy and good.”

Marisol Cabral: “The program has helped me tremendously at work. I’m a Home Health Aide, and I can communicate with patients that are seniors, most of which only speak English. In addition, I have been able to help my children do their homework. Overall, it has been a success!”

Juan Tapia: “I have learned a lot here at KIPP, and I truly recommend the program to anyone. Several months ago, I could not order at a restaurant because I was embarrassed. I didn’t know much English, and thanks to KIPP I have been able to fend for myself and speak English with others.”

Students’ Goals Guide Our Efforts

Below are the top 10 goals that students have when entering our program

  1. Complete an ESOL program.
  2. Increase computer literacy skills.
  3. Obtain more satisfying/appropriate employment.
  4. Learn about US culture.
  5. Read, write, do mathematical problem solving and/or help children with homework.
  6. Pass Citizenship Exam.
  7. Buy a home.
  8. Start a workout/training program.
  9. Obtain a GED.
  10. Enter an Associates Degree program.