Our Approach

Who We Are

Our program is based on high expectations, academic and character development, a focus on preparing all students for college and choice-filled lives, coaching and continuous learning for teachers and staff, and support for students to and through college and career. For 15 years in Massachusetts, we have developed and refined an educational model that improves outcomes for our kids and families. We believe that all students can learn and achieve at high levels if given the opportunity. Our success is driven by six differentiators that make KIPP schools unique:

High Expectations

Clearly defined and measurable high expectations for academic achievement and conduct that creates and reinforces a culture of achievement and support. We know that every student is different and we personalize learning based on a student’s needs, skills, and interests.

Strength of Character

Success in life depends on more than academic learning. We help students foster the character strengths that are essential for their own success and we empower them to express their voice with power and to improve the world around them.

Highly-Skilled Teachers and Leaders

Great schools require great teachers and school leaders. We empower our school teams and invest in leadership and training to help them grow as professionals.


Positive, Structured & Nurturing Environments

Physical and emotional safety is needed for students to take risks and learn from their successes and their mistakes. Our schools provide a positive, structured, and nurturing environment with minimal distractions so our students love school and maximize their learning.

KIPP Through College & Career

Our counselors and advisors support students as they prepare for and select the right college for their needs and interests. After high school, we help KIPP alumni navigate the social, academic, and financial challenges they might encounter while in college.

Family and Community Learning

Although our KIPPsters are in school for a longer school day and year than most traditional public schools, we believe that parents and families are their primary teachers, leaders and role models. We are committed to doing everything we can to support and collaborate with parents and families as they raise their children.  To this end, our Family and Community Learning programs serve well over 550 parents and community members in Lynn and Boston each session, with a waitlist at each location, building a group of engaged parents and family members at KIPP, as well as a corps of empowered, engaged community members in Lynn and Boston. Some of the classes we offer include teaching families how to obtain their Citizenship, how to advocate for themselves and their families, English as a Second Language and Financial Literacy.  This dual approach enables us to leverage the work we do with our kids during the school day, and gives families and community members the tools and skills they need to achieve a life of independence and impact, for them, their kids, and their community.

Why It Matters

Preparing our students for success in college and career drives the work of our KIPP school leaders, teachers, and staff. Nationally, KIPP alumni graduate from college at a rate that exceeds the national average but we aim to reach higher. We project that our KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate seniors will graduate from college at 5 times the national average. Our goal is for 75% of our alumni to graduate from college.

Our Plan for the Future

As of 2020, Lynn students have access to a full K-12 KIPP education. As KIPP MA grows to full enrollment of all its schools, we are committed to becoming fully sustainable on public funding while providing students a complete K-12 KIPP education to ensure success to and through college and career. By 2027, we hope to have a 75% college graduation rate. We  continue to advocate alongside our students and families to ensure families from low income communities have the chance to attend great schools.