Future Impact

KIPP MA Strategic Priorities

  1. Ensure monumental growth and achievement for all students through aligned high impact instructional practices, intellectual prep and a culture of learning.
    • On a quarterly basis, leaders conduct HIIP Walkthroughs together in order to determine state of rigor across all departments and/or blocks.
    • On a weekly basis, every teacher is observed by his/her coach, who provides feedback on both content and execution.  Feedback is either delivered real-time (with a follow-up to process impact and transferability within the week) or within 48 hours.
    • Leaders ensure every classroom has a safe, focused, and joyful academic culture, where 90% of students are on task at any given time.
  2. Align and scale our capacity to meet the demand from students and families.
    • Defend our autonomy through coordinated advocacy
    • Develop parent leadership and community support through training, partnership, and our community programs
    • Build partnerships within the communities we serve on non-charter specific issues including economically disadvantaged formula, DACA, civil rights, etc.
    • Open additional KIPP MA schools in another city
    • Facility projects are on track to be completed on time and under budget
    • Required Capital raised and Growth campaign is on target
  3. Make our commitment to DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity) live in mindsets and anti-racist practices.
    • Develop regional and school leadership in cultural competence and communication
    • Create region-wide DEI strategic plan with clearly defined metrics and goals
    • Create yearly scope and sequence for school and regional office staff
    • Compile database of PD sessions and resources for sharing and collaboration
  4. Build and execute on a clear Talent strategy.
    • Region-wide compliance on MTEL, SEI, CORI, fingerprinting, etc. requirements
    • Develop career pathways, including teacher evaluation process and change management plan (incorporate in recruiting, retention, 1:1 PDs, re- commitment, etc.)
    • Director of Talent owns progress monitoring and people data analysis
    • Refine and align on-boarding/orientation process
  5. Improve our data practices.
    • Facilitate smooth collection, management and usage of academic data
    • Provide training for school-based staff to interpret and use data systems
    • Develop and design data dashboards with a focus on standardization and accessibility
    • Refine academic data culture and data accessibility, with an emphasis on collaboration
  6. Increase clarity and consistency of our operations.
    • Start using VoE scorecard to evaluate performance of Directors of School Operations (DSOs) and Regional Director of Operations
    • Refine VoE, specifically focusing on how operations can continue to create more time for school leaders to focus on instruction
    • Clarify communication structures between School Leaders, Regional Director of Operations, and Leadership Team

Click here for overview of our KIPP MA 2020 Strategic Priorities.


Our monumental growth and achievement goals for K-12 Kippsters are…

Why Financial Sustainability Matters

  • To realize monumental growth and achievement with KIPPsters across a rigorous and aligned K-12  curriculum
  • To grow to reach more students in educationally underserved communities across Massachusetts
  • To enable alumni, parents, and families to develop the power to make political change