"I know why I’m thinking what I am and can identify when I’m not thinking in a healthy way that would help me make better decisions."

KIPP Alumna

"I want to start off by saying, thank you. Thank you for all that you have done for me in the past. Whether it was a talk or even a reality check! I want to say thank you for making me somewhat of the man I am today! You have given me the tools to really accomplish honestly anything. I look up to you and am very glad to have you in my life and on my team! You Rock!"

KIPP Alumna

"During our counseling meeting, I really appreciate your ability to allow me to get to the conclusion myself. You really gave me a set of tools that I can use on my own. I'm a much more thoughtful person, and I'm gaining much more emotional intelligence throughout the process. I really appreciate our time together."

KIPP Alumna

(Bringing Relaxing Energy and Thoughtful Healthy Habits Everyday)

What is BREATHE?

BREATHE (Bringing Relaxing Energy and Thoughtful Healthy Habits Everyday) is KIPP Forward: Massachusetts’ mental health and social-emotional support program. We believe that all alumni have the capacity to grow and develop into well-adjusted, sustainable adults. Engaging social justice and healing centered approaches, we address all areas of wellness and create space for alumni to feel safe and empowered. We facilitate growth, development, and change of all students we serve and partner with families providing access to resources and support.

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Who Do We Serve?

We serve all alumni from KIPP Massachusetts Publics Schools Lynn and Boston campuses. We begin working with Lynn students in 12th grade and Boston students in 8th grade.

What Services Do We

  • Individual and group mental health counseling
  • Case management
  • Explore and develop cognitive, emotional, and behavioral skills
  • Provide guidance in the development of social, emotional, and life skills
  • Work together on setting goals tailored to the needs of the student
  • Support accessing and navigating legal, health, and financial assistance

BREATHE Programming

Mental Health Counseling

Alumni receive counseling (i.e., therapy, socio-emotional support, and crisis management) on an individual basis, as well as support with seeking mental health services. Alumni have the opportunity to meet with a counselor weekly or bi-weekly based on their needs to further develop social, emotional, and life skills. We will also collaborate to set well-being goals tailored to the needs of the student.

Case Management

Alumni have access to case management services where they can receive support in gaining access to legal, health, and financial assistance. Along with guidance in navigating these systems, alumni will have help in developing the skills necessary to work through life’s challenges independently in order to seek out resources when they encounter challenges in the future.


Alumni meet in groups to gain tools and strategies for conflict resolution and mediation as well as various other problem-solving skills. These groups allow students to explore healthy relationships and develop a greater understanding of their role in relationships with friends and family.

Cinema Savvy

Through the use of film, alumni gather to explore their thoughts and feelings around a wide variety of “hot topics” that relate to their experiences with culture, relationships, and other social dynamics. Through Cinema Savvy, alumni develop an understanding of how each of the topics discussed relates to them and shapes their self-identity and community at large.


BREATHE maintains an open-door policy where parents can feel comfortable reaching out not only for their children but also for themselves. We are able to meet with parents and their children to help mediate difficult conversations, as well as provide parents with resources or referrals for their own wellness needs.

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