May 26, 2020

KIPP MA Celebrates the KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate Class of 2020

Lynn, MA- May 26, 2020- Despite the Coronavirus Pandemic, the KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate (KALC) Class of 2020 will still be celebrated by the entire KIPP community, both virtually and in-person with social-distancing measures. 

The Class of 2020 consists of 109 graduating students, with a 100% graduation rate of students who began the school year at KALC. Many colleges have changed their deposit date from May 1 to June 1 because of Coronavirus, but the KALC College Counseling team estimates that 83% of the Class of 2020 will enroll in four-year schools, 12% will enroll in two-year schools, and 5% are pursuing other post-secondary options.

Caleb Dolan, KIPP MA Executive Director says, “The class of 2020, like all classes, is a group of extraordinary young people full of purpose and passion. Unlike all our other classes, this class has had to progress towards their future amidst a pandemic. This pandemic illuminates how deeply these young people are committed to each other, their community, and of building a better tomorrow. I am personally grateful to these young people, their families, and their teachers; their navigation of an almost impossible time provides hope for all of us.”

The celebration will start with the Senior Award presentation on Tuesday, May 26, which will be pre-recorded and aired live on Zoom. All senior families will be able to celebrate the awards with three meals from Estefani’s Restaurant in Lynn, which is owned by a KIPP alumna. KIPP MA teachers will be delivering the food to seniors in a socially-distanced manner. 

On Wednesday, May 27, members of the Class of 2020 will come to KALC with their families in shifts to pick up their diplomas. They will drive under a balloon arch, get their diploma, and be able to take a photo. 

On Thursday, May 28, students will come together for a Zoom graduation ceremony, with speeches from Valedictorian Herman Keysha, Salutatorian Chanpichany Ros, and Class Speaker Jonathan Caraballo. 

Senior Brian Leon says, “Although we are not having a traditional graduation ceremony, it is clear that KIPP is doing everything that they can to make sure that we’re supported and that we feel like a team and family during this time.”

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