September 18, 2020

KIPP MA Honors and Celebrates Latinx & Hispanic Heritage Month

KIPP MA kicked off our celebration of Latinx and Hispanic heritage month on Tuesday September 15th with a video message from Executive Director Rhonda “Nikki” Barnes. Families, you can watch the video message in this weeks family newsletter from the Executive Director: 9/18 Regional Update to Families (English & Spanish).

In the video message we hear music from Anacaona, who was a Taino chief, artist, and hero to the Hispaniola people of her time. She opposed the Spanish colonizers and refused the suffering of her people at the hand of invaders.  Her legacy lives on through music today. To listen to the full video please visit this link.

We are excited to honor and celebrate the stories of our Latinx community! Throughout the next 4 weeks, we will highlight and celebrate our Latinx teammates and families and most importantly – learn FROM them. Join us!

We would love to hear what your Latinx heritage means to you and see how your family celebrates Latinx heritage month. We can’t wait to share stories, pictures, poems, lyrics, recipes, or other activities you’d like to share. Please complete this form to share!

We will be sharing these stories, pictures, recipes, and other celebrations on our social media pages. Please be sure to follow us on Instagram (@kippma) and Facebook (@KIPP Massachusetts)!

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