Last Dollar Scholarship

As little as $500 prevents a student from attending the college that is the best match.

Our last dollar scholarship fund will help increase college graduation rates for our students.

A last dollar scholarship for Destany means she can live on campus next year at Lesley University, a KIPP partner, where she will receive extra on-campus support towards graduation.

A last dollar scholarship for Fatou and Aissata means their family can afford to send their daughters off to college at their top matches.

A last dollar scholarship for Abdoul means he can attend his dream school and study mechanical engineering.

Help us fund a last dollar scholarship.

Your generosity will allow these KIPPsters to matriculate to the college with the highest likelihood of graduation. Your gift of any amount helps establish a last dollar scholarship fund and  decreases the likelihood of students from stopping out of college after accumulating  debilitating debt.

Please make your check payable to KIPP Massachusetts and send to: Laurie Kennedy at KIPP MA (90 High Rock Street, Lynn, MA 01902) or donate online. Thank you.