KIPP Academy Boston K-8 (KABK-8)

KIPP Academy Boston K-8 (KABK-8)

KIPP Academy Boston K-8 serves grade K-8 and is located in Mattapan. In 2012, we opened KIPP Academy Boston Charter School, which began with grades 5-8, the second district in our network. In 2014, we added elementary grades, beginning with Kindergarten. In 2019, KIPP Academy Boston Charter School was a finally a fully grown K-8 campus.

As part of the larger KIPP MA network, KABK-8 is rooted in the core KIPP values of rigorous academic preparation and relentless character development, while maintaining focus on achieving success to and through college and career to leading a fulfilling life.

  • Established2012
  • Grades ServedK-8
  • Enrolled588

At KABK-8, our focus on college, career, and beyond begins on day one. From classrooms named for universities to grade levels identified by graduation year, our students are immediately exposed to a culture that consistently reinforces the belief that they can be prepared for college, career, and beyond. But to get there, we must start with the basics. We work, together with our families, to develop our students as independent learners, who are self-aware and able to self-advocate. We set our academic expectations high from day one, exposing our students to science and social studies as early as kindergarten and utilizing blended learning.

Information on remote learning can be found here

School-Based Counseling

The purpose of KIPP Academy Boston’s counseling program is to empower all of our students to reach their fullest potential by providing a comprehensive school counseling program to support their academic, social, and emotional development. As a department, we work to create a safe environment for our students to identify their interests and abilities, enhance self-expression and control, practice conflict-resolution skills and develop other competencies that will strengthen our students’ capabilities. We believe that collaboration between counselors, students, teachers, administrators, families, and the community will assist our students in becoming responsible and productive lifelong learners with independence and choice. We also believe in developing and maintaining culturally competent counselors to meet the various needs and protect the autonomy of the students and families with whom we serve.

We support our students through:

  • Individual and Group counseling
  • An individualized treatment approach based on students’ strengths and needs
  • Consistent communication and collaboration between the counseling staff, families, teachers, members of the community, and collateral contacts
  • Seeking out professional development opportunities so that we continue to grow professionally and utilize the most effective treatment modalities in our work with students and families

We believe that social/emotional support for students is inextricably linked to academic growth and achievement. Not only do we regularly monitor students’ social/emotional progress, but we also monitor their academic progress. We work with students and teachers to ensure that the skills learned in counseling support positive outcomes in the classroom. A typical day for counselors at our school consists of individual counseling and group counseling sessions. Additionally, much of our time is spent in the classrooms, providing feedback to both students and teachers, and monitoring for the transfer of skills learned and practiced in counseling to the classroom.

If you would like to learn more about our programming or learn about additional resources, please feel free to reach out to any of our school counselors.

Lauren Harless, LICSW, middle school counselor

Maya McNamara, LMHC, middle school counselor

Amanda Hoyle, LICSW, elementary school counselor

Kasha Sarette, LICSW, elementary school counselor

Special Education Services

KIPP Academy provides extensive Special Education services in order to meet the unique needs detailed in a student’s IEP.

Each student with an IEP will be provided with services and supports noted in their IEP. Students receive services through general education teachers, special education teachers and related service providers. If you have any questions about the Special Education program, please email Peter Perry-Friedman at

English Language Learners

English Language Learners participate fully in KIPP Academy’s curriculum. All staff members are undergoing training (developed by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) in Sheltered English Immersion. Additionally, students may receive supplemental support from an ELL teacher to assist in English language acquisition. This service is provided in accordance with the student’s language level and is communicated to families. If you have any questions about the ELL program, please email Dana Gottlieb,

School Uniform Information

Report Card

*In 2016, a new metric was put into place to redefine low income. In the past, income status was based on eligibility for free or reduced priced meals. Because of this new methodology, the number of economically disadvantaged students is lower than other years. Our student body has not changed. This new metric is simply a shift from one valid measure to another.

School Logo
  • Special Education: 20%
  • English Language Learners: 17%
  • Hispanic: 25%
  • Black: 74%
  • White: 0%
  • Other Ethnicity: 1%
  • Receive Free or Reduced Priced Lunch*: 100%

  • School Leader: Zach Meisner
  • Phone: 617-393-5682
  • Fax: 617-652-7461
  • Address:

    37 Babson Street
    Mattapan, MA 02126

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