KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate 9-12 (KALC)

KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate 9-12 (KALC)

As the second grade span in the KIPP Academy Lynn Charter District and one of over 40 high schools in the KIPP national network, KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate High School (KALC) opened in 2011 with a class of 96 9th graders. In June 2015, that founding class was our first class of high school seniors to graduate from a KIPP high school in Massachusetts – and the first group of students to have benefited from a 5-12 KIPP education. This year's class is projected to achieve the strongest college outcomes and graduate at more than 5X the graduation rate of educationally underserved students across the country. Today KALC is fully enrolled in grades 9-12 serving over 485 students.

As part of the larger KIPP MA network, KALC is rooted in the core KIPP values of rigorous academic preparation and relentless character development, while maintaining focus on achieving success to and through college and to leading a life of choice and independence. Go to KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate Indigo Society Poets Perform at KIPP School Summit to read a compelling poem written and performed by KALC students.

  • Established2011
  • Grades Served9-12
  • Enrolled488

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Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate held a virtual graduation ceremony for the Class of 2020. Please see the video below to share in the joy and celebrate the accomplishments of this outstanding class.

Summer Programming

As a requirement for graduation, students at KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate (KALC) must participate in two summer enrichment experiences over the course of their high school years. These programs range from academic coursework at rigorous colleges and universities, to internships with local for-profit organizations, to physically demanding nature programs designed to build leadership and survival skills. The aim of the program is to engage students over the often idle summer months, as well as allow them to contextualize their education by framing it in real world applications. A secondary goal of the program is to expose students to the process of building a portfolio and applying to programs, where they face the possibility of a rejection, often for the first time. Such experiences help our students strengthen their GRIT and continue to pursue their goals despite momentary setbacks.

In 2019, KIPP started a new program called KIPPterns, where four students obtained internships with local government officials in Lynn and Boston. These types of internships are normally unpaid, putting them out of reach for students who need to support themselves and their families with summer jobs. Students were provided a stipend, as well as money for food, clothing, and transportation to their internships. It was a transformative experience that KIPP MA hopes to expand in the future.

College Counseling

Our  college counseling team offers ACT prep classes and financial aid counseling, with the focus on creating the right college match for each student. In addition, because our KIPPsters’ paths to and through college are sometimes filled with unique challenges, our full time staff also includes a social and emotional counselor to address any non-academic barriers a student may face.

Student Advisories

Students meet daily with their adviser and 10-12 of their peers for open discussion, ranging from challenges and celebrations in the classroom, to family issues. These small group connections help to build stronger relationships with both fellow students and teachers which has a positive effect on retaining our students. Students maintain the same advisory groups throughout their entire time in high school.

Special Education Services

KIPP Academy provides extensive Special Education services in order to meet the unique needs detailed in a student’s IEP.

Each student with an IEP will be provided with services and supports noted in their IEP. Students receive services through general education teachers, special education teachers and related service providers. If you have any questions about the Special Education program, please email Becky Muller,

English Language Learners

English Language Learners participate fully in KIPP Academy’s curriculum. All staff members are undergoing training (developed by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) in Sheltered English Immersion. Additionally, students may receive supplemental support from an ELL teacher to assist in English language acquisition. This service is provided in accordance with the student’s language level and is communicated to families. If you have any questions about the ELL program, please email Dana Gottlieb,


Report Card

*In 2016, a new metric was put into place to redefine low income. In the past, income status was based on eligibility for free or reduced priced meals. Because of this new methodology, the number of economically disadvantaged students is lower than other years. Our student body has not changed. This new metric is simply a shift from one valid measure to another.

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  • Special Education: 14%
  • English Language Learners: 5%
  • Hispanic: 65%
  • Black: 25%
  • Asian: 3%
  • White: 5%
  • Other Ethnicity: 2%
  • Receive Free or Reduced Priced Lunch*: 100%

    • School Leader: Shauna-Kaye Clarke
    • Phone: 781-488-0087
    • Fax: 781-581-5878
  • Address:

    20 Wheeler Street
    Lynn, MA 01902

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