August 10, 2021

2021 KIPPterns Practice Resilience, Hard Work, and Organization…Virtually

(KIPP MA, August 2021) After closing out the spring semester at their colleges, universities, and high school, KIPP MA’s six KIPPterns headed into a summer internship all with the common goal to learn as much as they could. The 2021 KIPPterns spent the summer working alongside thought leaders and politicians, obtaining valuable experiences.

The KIPPtern program is designed to help KIPP graduates interview for a position, match them with the right fit, provide professional development on interning 101, and provide feedback from their mentors during their summer internship. The program offers continuous support throughout the summer to the interns along with resources to help them during their internship experience.

Our KIPPterns, Destany Rodriguez (KALC ‘19, Lesley University ‘23), Nneoma Amaba (KALC ‘21, UMass Amherst ‘25), Aysha Mendez (KALC ‘20, Skidmore ‘23), Brian Leon (KALC ‘20, Centre College ‘24), Gabriel Clark (KALC ‘19, Dartmouth College ‘23), and Jorge Fernandez (KALC ‘20, Centre College ‘24), recently gathered virtually to celebrate and reflect on their internships. The virtual space was nothing new to them, many of whom also completed their semester virtually as well as their summer internships. Despite the virtual settings, KIPPterns were able to fully participate, engage, and get the most out of their summer internships.

“I most enjoyed sitting at City Council Meetings and watching the counselors debate and discuss what they see the future of the city of Boston as,” KIPPtern Aysha Mendez said of her internship with Boston mayoral candidate, Michelle Wu.

The KIPPterns program strives to help interns not only gain work experience, but to also learn valuable skills along the way. The internships not only taught time management tactics, flexibility, and work ethic but also social skills such as public speaking, confidence, and overall relationship building.

The 2021 KIPPterns also reflected on what the program meant for them as KIPP graduates and shared some words of advice for any other KIPP graduates considering the KIPPterns program.

“You really have to be passionate about the work if you want to do the program,” Destany Rodriguez said of her own experience in the KIPPterns program. And passion was definitely something that all six KIPPterns shared in discussing their own experiences. Jorge Fernandez, who interned with Union Capital Boston, entered his internship unsure about non-profit work. Through his internship, he developed a deeper understanding of the work that Union Capital Boston does and was able to take away a skill set from his internship that can be applied to many avenues of work.

Congratulations to the 2021 KIPPterns for a successful completion of their summer internship!

As always, thank you to the donors whose continued support helps The KIPPtern Program’s success year after year. Thank you also to Union Capital Boston, Blue Lab, Brandy Fluker Oakley, Michelle Wu, and Brendan Crighton who partnered with The KIPPtern Program as mentors.

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