High School Placement

What is High School Placement?

High School Placement (HSP) is a school-based team part KIPP Forward: Massachusetts.

HSP collaborates with all student support systems including parents/guardians, teachers, mentors, school staff and students to plan and apply for the best fit high school options. By coaching and educating students and families on high school options, the High School Placement Manager aims to provide all the necessary information for students and families to choose best fit high schools based on interest and resources provided.

Who Do We Serve?

High School Placement serves 7th and 8th grade students who attend KIPP Academy Boston middle school as well as partners with their families, advisors, school counselors, and learning specialists toward successful high school matriculation.

What Services Do We

The High School Placement Manager partners with students and families to explore, identify, and select a list of best fit high school options for KIPP Academy Boston 8th graders. The High School Placement Manager provides the following services:

  • Assistance with high school applications and requirements ( i.e., test prep, tours, interviews, essay assistance, and financial aid)
  • Hosts events that assist with the high school application process (i.e., alumni and parent orientations, high school fair, alumni engagement events)
  • Collaborates with 7th and 8th grade chairs to develop a high school readiness course that prepares students for their transition into high school
  • Student/Families sessions that works with students to develop a host of skills including: interview skills, executive functioning skills, life skills, varied professional skills needed to further their academic career.

Questions? email KIPPForward_Info@kippma.org

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