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Supporting alumni through college, career, and beyond

Through KIPP Forward, we support alumni to discover what a fulfilling life means to them and break through any barrier that dares stand in their way of achieving it.

KIPPsters set a high bar for their futures. For some, that means being the first in their family to graduate from college or buy a home. For others, it means serving our country or creating a business. So KIPP schools ensure each student has the skills and confidence to pursue any path that leads to their highest aspirations.


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Support to Achieve a Fulfilling Life

Through KIPP Forward, we’re supporting students to discover what a fulfilling life means to them, then break through any barrier that dares stand in their way of achieving it. KIPP supports students to choose and prepare for the educational and career paths that fit their goals and sense of purpose. Once on their way, KIPP Forward teams help alumni keep moving forward, tackling academic, social, and financial challenges they might encounter while pursuing their dreams. And through the KIPP Alumni Network, our KIPP family is creating powerful connections, and ascending together with networking, mentorship, leadership training, and more. Across the country, KIPPsters are making their mark. They are earning degrees, building businesses, reforming policy, serving their communities, and rising through the ranks of companies and organizations throughout the nation. Together, they’re creating a future without limits. For themselves. For all those who will follow them. And for us all.

Together, A Future Without Limits

“KIPP Forward is a team that is curious, strong, devoted, impassioned, respectful, and honest. We value integrity of character and are built on a strong foundation grounded in social justice, equity, and healing centered practice. We are a department that doesn't waver in the face of challenges and bonds together against obstacles. KIPP Forward is committed to bringing positivity, truth, and light while balancing reality with opportunity and hope.”

Myisha R. Rodrigues, PhD, LMHC

Managing Director of KIPP Forward: Massachusetts

The KIPP Forward Vision

KIPPsters will recognize their own magnificence by understanding their “why,” achieving self-sufficiency, and overcoming socio-emotional and systemic barriers in order to be who and what they want to see in the world.



KIPP Forward Values

Holistic Development

Strength’s Based Perspective

Mentorship & Education

Advocacy & Social Justice

Community, Collaboration, & Partnership

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