September 21, 2023

Charles River Associates Teams up with KIPP MA for Summer Internship

(September 2023)

Over the summer, two cohorts of recent KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate graduates engaged in a four week internship at Charles River Associates (CRA). 

Paul Maleh, President & CEO of CRA, is entering his second year on the KIPP MA Board of Trustees. Paul approached KIPP MA’s Executive Director, Nikki Barnes, about wanting to get CRA more involved with KIPP. This allowed Jon Haynes, Managing Director of KIPP Forward, to work alongside Paul’s team at CRA to pilot this internship program.

The two cohorts, of eight students total, spent their time working in various departments at CRA in order to gain a better understanding of what each department is responsible for and the overall impact on the organization. 

Paul Maleh had this to say of the internship, “As the CEO of Charles River Associates, I am incredibly proud of the inaugural Rising Freshman Summer Internship program in partnership with KIPP MA. This transformative initiative not only provided talented graduates from KIPP MA high school with a unique opportunity to work in a corporate setting but also brought immense value to our CRA family. 

“Throughout the program, our team members had the privilege of mentoring and collaborating with these exceptional students. Their fresh perspectives, enthusiasm, and dedication infused our workplace with new energy and ideas. Witnessing the mutual growth and learning that took place was truly rewarding for all involved.

At CRA, we understand the importance of continuous improvement. We value the feedback and insights shared by the interns, and we will strive to create an even more enriching experience for the next group of KIPP MA high school graduates. We aim to empower our Rising Freshman interns by providing them with an opportunity to develop both technical and soft skills while building a professional network that will serve them throughout their academic journey and careers.

I would like to thank Nikki Barnes and her team for their invaluable collaboration and support. Together, we are making a meaningful impact and laying the foundation for a brighter future. CRA remains steadfast in its commitment to support the communities where we live and work and will strive to create opportunities that empower and uplift talented individuals from all backgrounds.”

At the end of the internship, the students participated in presentations that shared what they had learned over the course of their internship.

“The team here at CRA is unlike any team I could have imagined,” Dieuson Jean (incoming freshman at Wentworth Institute of Technology) said of his time, “They are as friendly as it gets. I felt supported and welcomed every step of the way during my internship. The number of doors this opportunity has opened for me is very exciting!”

Thank you to CRA for providing this amazing opportunity to our students! We look forward to our continued partnership. 


KIPP MA Cohort 1   

Chidalu Aniekwenagbu 

Dieuson Jean                                                                              

Taofeekat Lamina     

Robert DiDonna    




KIPP MA Cohort 2

Condoleezza Dorvil

Ayoub Mallah

Joshua Paulino Ozuna

Ayoub Sougrati

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