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At KABK-8, our focus on college, career, and beyond begins on day one. From classrooms named for universities to grade levels identified by graduation year, our students are immediately exposed to a culture that consistently reinforces the belief that they can be prepared for college, career, and beyond. But to get there, we must start with the basics. We work, together with our families, to develop our students as independent learners, who are self-aware and able to self-advocate. We set our academic expectations high from day one, exposing our students to science and social studies as early as kindergarten and utilizing blended learning.





Grades served




Community Identity  Agency  Curiosity  Compassion


Special Education: 18%
English Language Learners: 15%
Hispanic: 36%
Black: 61%
White: 1%
Asian: <1%
Other Ethnicity: 2%
Receive Free or Reduced Priced Lunch*: 100%

School based counseling

The goal of the counseling department is to empower all students to reach their fullest potential socially, emotionally, and academically. KAB K-8 counselors are culturally responsive, affirming, clinically focused, a part of the school community, and models of the school culture we strive to create. Our ultimate goal is that students are confidently and safely expressing their emotions, advocating for their needs, and are in class learning. We believe in creating a supportive and healing environment for kids; where their humanity is honored: a place where students can tell their stories, be their truest selves, identify their strengths, build belonging in their various communities, and develop other competencies that strengthen their abilities to excel, not only in the school setting, but in life.

Special Education Services & Multi Language Learners

KIPP Academy provides extensive Special Education services in order to meet the unique needs detailed in a student’s IEP. Students receive services through general education teachers, special education teachers and related service providers. Multi language learners participate fully in KIPP Academy’s curriculum. Students may receive supplemental support from an MLL teacher to assist in English language acquisition. This service is provided in accordance with the student’s language level and is communicated to families.

“Our students’ stories matter. Their communities, families, hopes and dreams matter. Where they stand as human beings matters first and foremost and that’s why where they learn matters.”

Zach Meisner

KIPP Academy Boston K-8 Principal

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Summer/School Year 2024-2025 Resources

Uniform link:  **Please note new clothing options were added.**

Extended School Year (ESY) information: Starts July 1st – 25th M-T from 8am to 1Pm

Back to school night : August 14th – from 3-6pm.

The building will be accessible starting August 5th,  2024 from 8am to 1pm. Please see the SY24-25 Calendar attached above. 

Orientation day: K-8 (for all new KAB students)- August 20th; Time TBD
First day of school – August 21st – regular hours

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