A Committed Team

KIPP teachers know every student walks through the doors of school bearing gifts.

So they support our students to see those gifts, then build the skills and confidence students need to thrive. Our teachers challenge students’ minds while nurturing their joy of learning– whether they are working to read their first word or solve their first calculus problem. Alongside a committed team, KIPP teachers support each student to pursue their highest aspirations.

"KIPP MA is an organization that is consistently evolving and improving and that starts with the leaders. When you join KIPPMA, you join a team of folks who work hard and play hard; who take our work very seriously but not ourselves so much that we stop growing. KIPP MA is the place to make a difference on a day to day basis and see the fruit of your labor years from now. We are able to live in the present, ensure we balance work and life, plan and hope for the future and work to improve on a daily basis. We are a diverse, joyful, hard working - and yes, flawed - group of folks who are committed to a future without limits!"

Nikki Barnes

Executive Director, KIPP Massachusetts

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teacher reading to student

Belief in Our Students’ Potential

At KIPP MA, the goal of ensuring the best possible life outcomes for our students is one that is shared across our entire staff. Across the two unique communities of Boston and Lynn, KIPP MA staff, students, and families are proving that demographics do not determine destiny, and that our students can and will achieve academic and college outcomes similar to their peers in more affluent communities. Every teacher believes in our students’ potential, and is committed to our goal of 75% of our students graduating from college and 100% living a life of choice and independence.


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