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Our people enable us to achieve our mission at KIPP MA.

Therefore we invest heavily in our employees’ growth and have codified several internal pathways to development to ensure our valuable employees have opportunities to deepen their practice and/or advance. Our internal pathways to development are in addition to the professional development each staff member receives throughout the year as part of our model at KIPP MA. As with all of our talent processes, we approach internal pathways to development with a mission-centered approach, a high degree of intentionality and a focus on equity, retention and sustainability. Below are the internal pathways to development currently available at KIPP MA.

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How We Support Our Teachers

Succession Planning

If a leadership role will be vacated in the near future, a successor may be appointed and developed. Intentional development of a successor allows the organization to ensure a smooth transition for all stakeholders and ensures continuity. Candidates may apply for a successor role via an internal hiring process; the decision for appointment rests with the hiring manager and the Executive Leadership Team. A *Professional Growth Plan can support a successor’s transition into the role.

Internal Career Pathing

Through the annual intent-to-return survey and informal and formal discussions between employees and their managers, the Talent Team collects data on individual employees’ career interests for the purpose of developing internal pipelines for vacancies and supporting career pathways development. Additionally, the Talent Team occasionally maintains an internal pool of eligible applicants who have successfully moved through the hiring process for a particular role, such as Assistant Principals, so that when vacancies arise, there is a pipeline to draw from.

Stipended Leadership Opportunities

Each year opportunities for stipended leadership roles arise, including Grade Level Chair, Department Chair, and Summer School leadership positions. These roles are in addition to one’s primary role, which is why they are stipended. Opportunities vary by school, and the hiring process for each role may vary as well. For more information about school-based stipended roles, such as Grade Level or Department Chairs, please speak with your principal or direct manager.

KIPP MA Emerging Leaders

In Emerging Leaders, we believe that leadership is a mindset, not a title. Leadership, like a muscle, can be strategically built and developed over time. Emerging Leaders is a year-long professional development cohort designed for KIPP MA teacher leaders seeking to strengthen their ability to lead strategically, authentically, and equitably. Emerging Leaders meet on a monthly basis to build a shared understanding of foundational leadership principles and contextualize these principles within participant’s roles at their respective schools.

Through participation in Emerging Leaders, participants will:

  • Strengthen connections with other emerging leaders throughout the organization
  • Strengthen knowledge and skills in leadership domains that are key to being a successful teacher leader and/or school-level leader
  • Deepen self-awareness through a targeted coaching cycle, feedback analysis, and action planning

To learn more about the program please read the program description here.

Application Process

To participate in KIPP MA emerging leaders, individuals must engage in an application process. The purpose of the application process is to enlist individuals in the program, familiarize individuals with programmatic components, and provide equitable access to the program. The application process will consist of the following components:

  • Letter of interest
  • 2 Recommendations
  • Initial Performance Task
  • Regional Selection Day

2021 Cohorts

  • Joel Brockberg – KIPP Academy Boston
  • Zoe Harvan – KIPP Academy Lynn Middle School
  • Celeste Mendoza – KIPP Academy Lynn Middle School
  • Kristin Russell – KIPP Academy Lynn Boston
  • Allen Wang – KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate

Teaching Fellows

The KIPP MA Teaching Fellows program currently runs at our elementary schools and provides an alternate pathway into teaching for a diverse group of aspiring educators. Teaching Fellows learn through a combination of: individualized instructional coaching; cohort-specific professional development; modeling and mentoring from a Lead Homeroom Teacher; and teaching and co-teaching through a Gradual Release of responsibilities. The Teaching Fellows program is designed as a one-year pathway into a Lead Homeroom Teacher or Interventionist role.

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