July 27, 2023

KIPP Alum Feature: Jessica De Los Santos

Jessica De Los Santos, a 2018 KALC alum and 2015 KAL alum, met up with us this summer to share what she has been up to since graduating KALC in 2018.

Jessica is currently in her 2nd year of law school at TMSL at Texas Southern University in Houston Texas. She is currently interning for the Honorable Judge Alfred H. Bennett in the US District Court of the Southern District of Texas. Jessica’s time in law school so far has been rewarding, greatly due to Jessica’s hard work and dedication. She is currently in the top 5% of her class and will be on law review this upcoming year helping to publish articles on new and intriguing law topics.

Jessica aspires to work in immigration law to serve the large community of immigrants in the Houston area. She plans to get involved in local social initiatives to assist marginalized women. After law school, she plans on getting an L.L.M in immigration law, apply for a federal clerkship, and work in the United States Attorney’s Office as a federal prosecutor. 

When reflecting on her time at KIPP, Jessica says, “KIPP taught us to aim high and work hard and to show our work. KIPP nurtured us from the harsh realities of life in a low-income disadvantaged community. I was so Proud of myself and my class of 2018 when we had a 100% graduation rate from high school as a class of predominantly students of color from immigrant families. “

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