June 29, 2023

Family and KIPPsters Together (FAKT) Year in Review

Our Lynn FAKT (Family and KIPPsters Together) council closed out a great year engaging with our Lynn families! The FAKT Council met monthly throughout the school year to not only discuss happenings around our Lynn campuses, but to also plan events for families!

Albenny Arcangel, a Lynn parent, said “This was my first year being a FAKT leader and I think we were able to do a lot to engage families. I hope that in the future more parents can engage.” 

Julielys Ortiz-Leger, the Family and Community Engagement Manager for Lynn, is currently working alongside the FAKT leaders to re-imagine what FAKT will look like in the future!

Take a look at some of the amazing events our FAKT Leaders put on! And thank you to our wonderful FAKT parents:  Natasha Megie-Maddrey, Chair (KALC), Faith Morrison, Chair (KAL), Zara Emedosi, Chair (KALE) and Albenny Arcangel, Treasurer (KAL and KALE)


Family Bingo Night happened on December 7, 2022

FAKT organized this event as a means to welcome families to another school year. They put together various prizes for families to win through bingo. Families were also provided dinner and drinks.




Family Paint Night happened on June 8, 2023

FAKT worked with the art teacher at High Rock, Mr. Jamison, for the paint night. Mr. Jamison walked each participant through the paint night step by step.


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