March 15, 2024

Advocacy Week at KIPP MA

During the week of February 12th, Public Charter Schools of Massachusetts joined together for the annual advocacy week for Public Charter Schools. 

Hosted by The Massachusetts Charter Public School Association (MCPSA), Advocacy Week kicked off on February 12th with a virtual Zoom rally, which featured students, parents, teachers, and charter school leaders.

At KIPP, we decided to use this opportunity to host an in-person event for our families to come together and watch the rally, while also participating in action steps to advocate to our local and state legislators. 

KIPP hosted a watch party at our High Rock Campus in Lynn and Our Boston Campus. This event brought together different community members to celebrate  KIPP and the charter sector. The Kick-Off Event brought together members of the sector across the state to celebrate all the great work on our campus, how we can make a difference, and make sure that our students have all the resources they need to get an excellent education. 

KIPP Academy Lynn

This event was a great success and brought families from our Lynn Community together. Our watch party kicked off with The KALE Step Team’s performance. The team did a great job showing off their dance and step moves. The crow was on their feet the whole time, cheering them on and watching it. There were 40 students on the team, and they were all on the same page the entire time. They did a great job and did not let their nervousness get to them. After the students were done, it was time to kick off with the MCPSA Kick-off Event. 

KIPP Academy Boston

In Boston, families joined together to watch the rally and also had performances from students. The dance team performed three different routines, each one full of energy and spirit! Boston parent, Shavonne Herrington, was also a featured parent that spoke for MCPSA. Shavonne shared her experience as a longtime Public Charter School parent, and the importance of advocating for Public Charter School students and families to our legislators.

Families and students had the chance to hear from charter school support from across the state about all the great work happening across the sector. KIPP families enjoy hearing about all the great work going on and how they can take action, make a difference, and support KIPP and schools like KIPP. During the Zoom live kick-off, families were asked to take their first action. Families were asked to take out their phones to send an email to their State Senator and Representatives about facilities per pupil fund to make sure that all schools are fund equity and that students have everything they need to learn. The kick-off gave families the energy they needed to take action and think about what they love: being part of the KIPP community.

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