May 16, 2023

How The KIPP Forward Team Ensures That Students Are Persisting in their Postsecondary Plans

(May 2023) As KIPP alumni embark on their post-secondary journey, the Persistence team plays a crucial role in providing support and guidance to ensure their continued success. With a focus on individual goals and tailored assistance, the Persistence team offers a range of services to students pursuing various pathways, including vocational training, military service, and college education.

The KIPP Forward Vision sets the overarching goal for KIPPsters. The Persistence team’s mission aligns with this vision by working towards increasing postsecondary graduation rates and career readiness. Their approach involves partnering with KIPPsters to help them discover their passions, purpose, and plans.This all leads to self-sustaining, choice-filled lives. The team achieves this mission through proactive coaching, socio-emotional support, skill development, post-secondary training, career guidance, and equitable access to resources.

Transition within the KIPP Forward Timeline

During their junior year, students begin working with the Match team, receiving support throughout their senior year. As the senior year progresses, the transition to the Persistence team takes place, ensuring a smooth continuation of guidance into the post-secondary phase. By initiating this transition in the spring of senior seminar, students can seamlessly access the necessary support and resources as they move forward.

The Persistence Team Supports Students in All Paths

Recognizing that each student’s journey is unique, the Persistence team adapts their support to meet the specific needs of KIPP alumni. For those pursuing a 4-year bachelor’s degree, the team assists with tasks such as financial aid applications, course registration, study skills development, and time management. The team also helps students navigate campus life, foster new friendships, build community connections, and make effective use of on-campus resources. On the other hand, for students choosing a career path directly after graduation, the Persistence team aids them in finding suitable employment or training opportunities aligned with their career goals. After two years of direct advisor support, KIPP alumni transition to an as-needed support system, enabling them to seek assistance whenever required.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without the resources I received from KIPP,” KALC alum, Haja Ba, said. Haja is now finishing her junior year at Babson College, where she is studying operations. Haja cites the support in her junior and senior years as pivotal, but also the resources her Persistence Advisor shared with her during her time at Babson.

Chelsie Hinckley, Director of Persistence Pathways, says: “I am beyond proud of our alumni and all of the amazing things they’ve accomplished, hope to accomplish, and will accomplish. We are a great KIPP Forward team that puts heart into everything we do and feel so lucky that we get to support our students on their path towards their dreams.”

As the KIPP Forward initiative continues to evolve, the Persistence team remains steadfast in their mission, striving to make a lasting impact on the lives of KIPP alumni and contributing to a more equitable and accessible post-secondary landscape.




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