In-Person Learning Protocols

Guiding principles for the 2021-2022 school year

  • We maintain student and staff safety above everything else.
  • We ensure our students and staff have what they need to experience identity affirming, joyfully rigorous learning and working as we re-enter physical learning spaces.
  • We continue to honor the creativity and resilience of our families by strengthening and refining co-authorship.
  • Our school day schedule leads to a predictable and consistent experience for families and staff so people can plan their lives.
  • We remain adaptable and nimble so that we can change course as the virus changes our knowledge increases.
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Safety Measures

Masks On For All

Students and staff must wear masks at all times. Students may take masks off for breaks during snack, breakfast, and lunch.

COVID Testing

We’ve partnered with CIC Health to provide pooled testing for students and individual PCR testing for KIPP staff. All students and staff are tested weekly.

Students or staff that miss their testing date will need to wait until their next test date to return to campus.

Enhanced Cleaning Protocols

Our campuses are cleaned multiple times a day, including common spaces, classrooms, and bathrooms. To review our cleaning protocols, please click here.

Our staff sanitizes frequently touched surfaces multiple times a day.

Multi-Layered Approach to Safety

KIPP Massachusetts subscribes to the ‘swiss cheese’ pandemic defense theory, which recognizes that no one single intervention is perfect at preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Each layer has holes, but when practiced together, collectively all will help to provide the greatest level of protection. We believe this is how we can, personally and collectively, mitigate the pandemic’s spread. The best way to keep yourself AND others around you safe is to practice these strategies together.

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School Resource Guide for 2021-2022 School Year:

Consent To Be Tested

Students must have a consent form in order to participate in pooled testing.

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