December 20, 2021

KIPP Academy Lynn 8th Graders Propose Solutions to Community Health Threats

As part of KIPP MA’s initiative to practice project-based learning in classrooms, KIPP Academy Lynn 8th graders participated in a Community Health presentation to raise awareness and present solutions to community health problems in Lynn.

The project, created by KAL teacher Julia Kostro, challenged students to propose a solution to a community health problem that they see in Lynn. Many of the health problems that were addressed dealt with asthma treatment, the cause of asthma, obesity in children and teens, vaping, and the effects of COVID-19. Kostro worked alongside Michael Johnson, the upper school STEM Assistant Principal, to share the project with the 8th grade community.

“It is essential that kids be able to present ideas that are personally meaningful to them, and that they do so in front of real experts.  This helps students see themselves as one day being able to inhabit careers like this,” said Mr. Jay Galbraith, who is KIPP’s Director of Academics, Secondary Science. 

The students, in groups of 3-5, presented their findings, research, and proposed solutions to a panel of health and education professionals in the community. The presentations happened over a two-day period throughout all 8th grade classrooms at KIPP Academy Lynn.

Kostro, who encouraged her students to engage in topics that directly affected Lynn, is a supporter of project-based learning.

“I was interested in project based learning mainly because I saw how many students came back from a year of virtual learning wanting to make connections and problem solve together,” Kostro said. She also used project based learning to get back into the habit of working in groups, making compromises, and settling disputes if and when they come up after learning remotely during the previous school year.

View the full photo album here!

Thank you to our professionals who dialed in via Zoom and provided feedback, posed questions, and offered additional resources to our students!

  • Julie Chan, Lynn Community Health Center
  • Michelle Figlar, Heinz Endowments
  • Arda Hotz, Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Elizabeth Silberholz, Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Coretta Martin, KIPP MA
  • John Harding, Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters
  • Erica Robers, Mass STEM Hub
  • Jing Cox-Orell, American Student Assistance
  • Wolther Joselus, American Student Assistance
  • Ashley Hemmy, American Student Assistance

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