November 17, 2020

KIPP Academy Lynn Elementary Leadership Transition

Lynn MA- KIPP Academy Lynn Elementary

Founding KALE Principal, Eveleen Hsu

Join us in welcoming Elsy Estevez-Hicks as the new principal of KIPP Academy Lynn Elementary (KALE)! Elsy will be the successor to KALE founding principal, Eveleen Hsu. Eveleen started at KIPP Academy Lynn Middle School in 2009 where she was an ELA teacher for both 5th and 6th grade. She became a principal in 2015 when she founded KALE with the their first Kindergarten class, the class of 2028. During her time as principal, Eveleen founded grades Kindergarten through fourth grade. Under Eveleen’s leadership KALE students demonstrated remarkable growth and academic achievement. Eveleen will be transitioning to a role on the KIPP Massachusetts regional team as the Managing Director of Equity and Engagement.

New KALE Principal, Elsy Estevez-Hicks

Eveleen expressed her excitement around the transition, “I am thrilled to announce Elsy Estevez-Hicks as the successor principal of KIPP Academy Lynn Elementary!  Ms. Estevez-Hicks has been part of KALE since its founding, and she has taken on multiple roles successfully: founding kindergarten teacher, founding second grade teacher, grade level chair, and, most recently, assistant principal.  Before coming to KALE, she had taught first and third grade in both the traditional public school setting and another KIPP school in New Jersey.  For every role that Ms. Estevez-Hicks takes on, she builds strong relationships with all families, students, staff, and the community.  She leads with equity, excellence, and empathy, and I know she will help sustain KALE in being a school that families and children deserve.”

Elsy is the first bilingual school leader at KIPP MA. Like many of our students and families in Lynn, she is also an immigrant and native Spanish speaker. Elsy explains the importance of representation in a school leader, “it means a lot to our families to have someone they can communicate with in their native language. It’s also powerful for kids to see that their school leader looks like them and comes from a similar background.”

Elsy has been with KIPP since 2011, and has been with KALE since 2015 where she was a founding Kindergarten teacher under Eveleen’s leadership. Elsy taught Kindergarten at KALE for two years and second grade for one year, where she was also a founding second grade teacher. For the past two years Elsy has been an assistant principal at KALE, supporting grades K-4 and coaching lead teachers.

Elsy is ready for this new chapter in her leadership journey, but she is especially happy it will be at KALE. Elsy explains, “KALE is very special to me because it’s always felt like family. Students can be their authentic selves and their identities are celebrated. Our staff are committed to working in partnership with our families because they are our students’ first teachers. We are student focused and are constantly seeking feedback because we see ourselves as adult learners and look forward to growing alongside our students. Getting to see members of my KALE Family every day is something I look forward to.”



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