October 4, 2022

KIPP MA Celebrates Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month: Julie Ortiz

Julie Ortiz is the Family and Community Engagement Manager for our Lynn schools. Julie works alongside families, students, Lynn staff, and Lynn school leaders to support our families and continue to build relationships in the Lynn community. This is Julie’s first school year at KIPP, and we are excited to have her on the team! Get to know Julie some more and see how she celebrates her heritage!

Fun Facts About Julie:

  • Julie was born in The Dominican Republic.
  • Julie loves to dance, including Bachata, Merengue, Salsa, and Perico Ripiao.

What are some aspects of Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month that excite you?

Food! We just have awesome food. I’m Dominican, and we have rice, beans and meat, sancocho, and mangu…I also love trying food from other Hispanic cultures as well. 

When I would visit my dad, there was always a party, there was always something happening. My mom instilled a lot of those Dominican values, even though she was raising me here in the United States and I appreciate that. It makes me feel sad when people have forgotten where they come from. And everytime I go home, it’s like I never left. 

What is the importance of Family and Community Engagement to you?

You know, my mom coming here and wanting more for me, she prioritized work and she knew education was important, but the family engagement aspect was always missing for her. That’s why I pursued engagement, specifically for families and education, because it’s important for our families to not only know what’s going on but also bring in their own strengths to the table. 

Establishing connections and relationships is so important, and that takes time, but it’s the most important.


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