September 30, 2021

KIPP MA Welcomes New Board Chair & First Parent Officer

[September, 2021] The Board of Trustees at KIPP MA recently underwent some exciting changes. This dedicated group of volunteers, who support the work we do at KIPP MA through mission-based leadership, is a key component to the overall success of our Boston and Lynn campuses. 

KIPP MA Continues to Center Diversity 

This transition comes as a monumental moment for KIPP Massachusetts, as we welcome our first Latina Board Chair, Stephanie Pierre-Louis

With Stephanie’s transition to Board Chair, she is playing an integral role in KIPP’s mission to center diversity in leadership roles. Stephanie has been a board member for three years, and in that time has provided invaluable insight and feedback over the years that has led to many successes for our community.

Of her new role, Stephanie says: “I’m truly honored to serve KIPP MA as Board Chair as I’ve been a passionate advocate for charter schools nationally for several years.  What makes KIPP MA particularly special is their vision and how they ensure parents are engaged in every step of their child’s education.  We are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and ensuring that students feel safe to bring their full selves to school.  I could not be more excited to work with an amazing leadership team to continue down the path of excellence for our communities. “

Co-Authorship at KIPP MA Extends Beyond the Classroom

Co-Authorship between KIPP staff and KIPP families has been a focus as students head back into the classroom. KIPP Massachusetts Executive Director, Nikki Barnes, was quoted as saying “We are a team, united under one mission to deliver joyful and academically excellent schools. And we have built a structure around this co-authorship to make it last.”

Our Co-Authorship is extending beyond the classroom, with the transition of Ive Gonzalez who will serve as the Board of Trustees Secretary. Ive is an HR professional, Board Leader, and mother of a KIPP student. By having a KIPP parent in a leadership role on the board, the mission of co-authorship is stronger than ever. Ive’s voice as a board member is integral to co-authorship and what that means for KIPP families. 

What Else Has Changed?

Paul Ketterer has been named the Board’s Treasurer. Paul has been instrumental in guiding us as we open our first daycare for staff and ensuring our facilities are beautiful and safe for our students. 

Continuing his years-long support as Vice-Chair will be Matt Fates. Matt has been involved with KIPP MA for years, in various roles and projects. 

We’d like to thank Amanda Seider for her time as Board Chair. Amanda led our Board with passion and a focus on strengthening our teaching and learning programs.  She has been an incredible thought partner and leader. We are thankful for her leadership, especially during the pandemic, and grateful that Amanda is remaining as a Board Member. 

We’d also like to thank Luis Gondelles and David Daniel for their time spent as Board Members. Luis and David were critical members of our Board and upheld the KIPP MA values every day.

Thank you to our Board of Trustees for continuing to uphold the KIPP Massachusetts mission in everything they do. 


Congratulations to our new leaders and members! 


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