August 26, 2022

Summer Learning at KIPP Massachusetts

(August 2022) As teachers, students, and families gear up for the start of the 2022-2023 school year, we are proud to share a glimpse into our Summer Learning Academy classrooms!

The Summer Learning Academy ran from July 11th-August 5th for K-8 and July 5th-August 11th for our high school students. Students participated in joyful learning while revisiting some topics from the previous school year to ensure that they are set up for success this new school year! 

Summer programming at KIPP MA is designed to be a joyful experience where students experience growth. We prioritize the most foundational academic skills at each grade level, provide time for social and emotional development, and personalize learning for each individual student. 

This year, 202 students across Boston and Lynn participated in summer learning. At the end of the summer, 86% of students in Boston and Lynn strongly agreed or agreed that they learned this summer. Summer learning is completely funded by philanthropy, which allows payment for teachers, materials needed throughout the day, and meals and transportation for students. 

Student growth was measured with a pre-test at the beginning of the summer session and then a final test during the last week of summer, with small group learning happening throughout the day in the weeks in between. Growth was measured throughout the summer based on if students mastered the skill of the day. If at the end of the day it seemed the class needed more support, teachers were able to adjust for the next day.

Gina Lopez, who was the summer learning principal for grades K-8 in Boston, said that the additional exposure of Social Emotional Learning also made a huge difference in students in attendance.

Our students attended their first field trip in over 2 years and it was extremely successful. We saw older students supporting smaller students with games and claiming tickets. We saw students in different grade levels form new friendships and connections. It was an opportunity to see the SEL skills in action and in the real world. “

Summer learning benefited our students, but it also greatly benefited our teachers. Wamokonzi Alognon, who served as the principal for grades K-8 in Lynn, said that having teachers co-teach in classrooms that they didn’t during the official school year was beneficial. 

It was also an opportunity for teachers to practice building their toolbox and work on developing co-teaching strategies.”

Check out some responses of what our students said about summer learning below!



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