May 31, 2022

The Class of 2022 Celebrates Post Graduation Plans

“You are absolutely beautiful. You are fearless. You are brave. And you have left a print on our community that we will never forget.”

Those words that opened up the Senior Commitment Ceremony on Friday from KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate Principal, Ms. Shauna-Kaye Clarke, instantly had the crowd of KALC students, staff, and family members of the Class of 2022 ready to celebrate.

The Senior Commitment Ceremony for the Class of 2022 marked a special occasion for the KALC community, as it was the first Commitment Ceremony since 2019. At The Senior Commitment Ceremony, all graduating seniors had the chance to take the stage and share with their community their post-graduation plans.

And here’s just a few stats on how that shakes out:

In the Class of 2022 there are…

  • 8 Posse Scholars
  • 3 Dell Scholars
  • 4 KIPP Goldberg and Amplify Scholars
  • 20 students who have won local scholarships
  • 14 students entering an associate’s degree program
  • 83 students entering a bachelor’s degree program
  • 1 student is joining the military
  • 9 students in career training programs
  • 3 students entering the workforce
  • 88 students staying in Massachusetts next year
  • 26 students leaving The Bay State


As Principal Clarke shared with the Class of 2022, “You have shifted the bar for excellence and because of you, you are leaving us better than how you found us. You are leaving me better than how you found me. Every room you walk into, you better believe and understand that you deserve to be there. And if you don’t like who is at the table, it is your job to rearrange it.”


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