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Ana Herrera, madre y miembro del personal de KALE

Ana Herrera habla de por qué trabaja en KIPP y envía a su hijo a KIPP

What Makes KIPP Special?

KIPP Academy Boston parent, Star, shares what makes KIPP special!

KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate Seniors Featured on The Today Show!

KALC Seniors, Luisa and Cindy, share their path to college with The Today Show…and learn some very exciting news!

KIPP MA Class of 2020 Alumni Reflect on their KIPP Experience

Jorge Trejo Fernandez, who completed the 2021 KIPPternship this summer, and Juan Prenza, who is a sophomore at Florida Institute of Technology, reflect on their time at KIPP and where they are now.

KIPP MA Parent Reflects on Remote Learning

Tammie Christopulos, a parent to students at KAL and KALC, reflects on what KIPP did and continues to do to support her KIPPsters during remote learning.

KALC Senior Reflects on Remote Learning

Mike Brice, KALC senior and football captain, spoke to us about his reaction to remote learning and what has been a bright spot during his senior year classes.

KIPP MA Executive Director Discusses Co-Authorship

Rhonda ‘Nikki’ Barnes, KIPP MA’s Executive Director, discusses what co-authorship is and how KIPP MA is committed to our relationship with our families.

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