Helping our students get to and through college and achieve their dreams is only possible if we know exactly how we are doing. Data helps us understand what our true impact is, what is working, and what needs to be improved. Our Six Essential Questions provide a yardstick by which to measure our progress, keep us focused as we grow, and—most important—help us keep the promises we make to our students and their families.

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    Who are our students?
    • We continually monitor our enrollment to ensure that we are educating students from underserved communities who most need KIPP’s high expectations and safe, structuring and nurturing school environments.
    • 100% of KIPP MA students receive free or reduced-price lunch, 22% are English Language Learners (ELL) and 16% are identified for special education.
    • Our student demographics mirror the districts we serve with comparable ELL, SPED, and Free/Reduced lunch numbers in both Lynn and Boston. (Please refer to individual school pages for school-specific demographics).

    Are our children staying with us?
    • 93.8% of KIPP MA students continue to stay with us year over year. The majority of attrition comes from families moving.
    • This rate exceeds the average retention rate for public charter schools, and is also substantially higher than the retention in the district schools in the communities we serve.

    Are our kids growing and achieving?
    • KIPP Academy Lynn Elementary exceeded the state MCAS performance in ELA and Math.
    • KIPP Academy Boston Elementary 4th grade students exceeded the state MCAS performance in Math by 25 percentage points.
    • At KIPP Academy Boston, 25% more of the 6th grade class met or exceeded MCAS expectations in ELA, and 27% more met or exceeded MCAS expectations in Math compared to their 5th grade performance.
    • KIPP Academy Lynn 5th graders outperformed the state on the Math, ELA, and Science MCAS.
    • KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate 9th and 10th graders outperformed the state by 9 percentage points, 22 percentage points, and 1 percentage point on the ELA, Math, and Science MCAS, respectively.

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    Are our students climbing the mountain to and through college?
    • Fifty-four percent (54%) of the KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate Class of 2017 are projected to graduate from 4 year colleges, the highest projection in the KIPP network. As of August 2019, Twenty-nine percent of the Class of 2015 have graduated and 44% are persisting in college.
    • As of August 2019, 77% of the class of 2017 were persisting in college.
    • 89% of the Class of 2019 enrolled in a two- or four-year degree program. Three percent of the class enrolled in career training and five percent of the class enlisted in the military.
    • Current projections show that the Class of 2017 will graduate college at 5x the national average.

    Are we building a sustainable people model?
    • We are committed to meeting recruitment and retention goals by setting our recruitment cycle earlier in the year and providing comprehensive professional development to all our staff while building a diverse and equitable staff to provide strong and inspiring role models for our students.  We are also dramatically growing our Teaching Fellows program as a way of to meet our professional development and retention goals by preparing our teachers for growth and achievement in their profession.  Our staff retention is currently at 78%, a number that hasn’t changed even though our staff has grown dramatically (from 39 staff members in 2011) over the last 8 years.
    • 85% of school leaders have taught at a KIPP school before coming to KIPP Massachusetts.
    • 40% of school leaders are people of color.
    • 52% of all KIPP MA staff identify as people of color.

    Are we building a sustainable financial model?
    • KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate high school, KIPP Academy Lynn and KIPP Academy Boston middle schools are fully enrolled and operating sustainably on public funding.
    • KIPP MA has received a clean, unqualified audit opinion with no significant deficiencies or material weaknesses in FY19.
    • The KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate renovation on the Wheeler Street building was completed on time and opened to students in August 2019.