KIPP Through College



Nation-wide, only 10% of students from educationally underserved communities like Lynn and Boston graduate from college, compared to 82% of their more affluent peers.

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By 2020, a KIPP:MA 5th grade cohort will be tracking toward a 75% college graduation rate.

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KIPP:MA’s goal is for 75% of our students to graduate from college and better life outcomes for 100% of our students. This will only be achieved by tracking the progress of and providing support to our students through college graduation or an alternate productive post-high school placement. KIPP Through College (KTC) was created to ensure that all KIPP alumni have the tools and support needed to attain a college degree. The KTC full time staff provides students with: college matching and placement services so students can identify the colleges that are right for them, counseling and social/emotional support, ACT prep classes, and financial aid counseling for students and families. We also partner with local organizations to offer internships and summer programs for students to gain an understanding of the career opportunities available to them after college and begin to build a network of contacts to enable them to reach their career goals.

Today, KIPP Massachusetts’ KTC program supports nearly 500 alumni. With the support of the KTC team:

  • 96% of the KIPP Lynn Class of ’16 were accepted to and are attending a two or four year college this fall.
  • 65% of our alumni from the classes of ’15 and ’14 are persisting in college.
  • 91% of the Class of 2015 – the first KIPPsters to attend KIPP from grades 5-12 – matriculated to a 4-year college or post secondary education program.
  • Current projections show that the Class of 2015 will graduate college at 6x the national average.