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Remote Learning FAQ’s

Will my child need to wear a uniform?

No, please see our uniform policy for the 20-21 school year below. This uniform policy is for SY 20-21. In the spring, we will seek family input to determine if we continue this policy or jointly create a new one for SY 21-22.

  •  Remote Learning: Students do not need to wear uniforms while learning remotely.
  • While in the building: Students will be encouraged to wear their KIPP gear but will not be penalized if they do not.
    • For Kindergarten, uniforms will be used to build community and identity and students will be encouraged to wear uniforms but they will not be penalized if they don’t have the “uniform” on while in the building.

When will my child return to school?

KIPP MA is committed to the safety of our students, families, and staff. We are using a four phased approach to gradually bring students back to school, only if it is safe to do so. We will rely on local health data to inform our decision to move through each phase. Our phased approach can be found here.

Are KIPP MA school campuses open during remote learning?

KIPP MA campuses are not open during remote learning. Our front offices are operating, but we are not allowing visitors, students, or families into our buildings. If you need assistance, please contact your child’s school office.

How has KIPP MA remote learning changed from the spring?

During the spring KIPP MA used Google Classroom. Over the summer we made the decision to move to Canvas because we believe it is a more robust system that will allow us to hold the same academic standards remotely. This is also a similar system that many colleges use, so we want our KIPPsters to be familiar with it.

Will students have the right materials to learn remotely?

Yes, all students will receive a chromebook and supply bag before the first day of school. Teachers and school leaders have planned for remote learning to complement the supplies handed out before the start of the school year. We will add more supply pickups in the future if we find students need additional supplies.

How will students foster relationships with each other and with their teachers?

Students will have several opportunities throughout the remote learning day to interact with their classmates and teachers. Every morning they will have a community meeting. This meeting is dedicated to building relationships as a class. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to have one-on-one check-ins with their teachers.

How will families' voices be taken into consideration for remote learning?

Just like we did in the summer, we will continue to hold frequent family town hall meetings to address concerns and ask for feedback on how remote learning is going. All family communication and recorded family meetings can be found here.

What does a typical day of remote learning look like?

Please refer to the school learning schedules located here for what a typical day of remote learning will look like on the School Information Page here.

What should students be doing during the Independent Work block?

The Independent Work block is part of our school day.  For some students the work may take the entire time for others the work may take most of the time.  This time is meant to be independent because it allows for maximum individualization.You will see us individualizing the time through Independent Reading at the student level and computer adaptive software, which adjusts to the student level.

We’ve prioritized asynchronous independent work during that time to do two things (depending upon grade)

    • provide additional individualized practice for kids (most common in ES & MS)
    • prepare students for the next day’s class (most common in HS, but MS will get there)

Some students may also meet with a teacher or related service provider, this is most common for our exceptional learners (including students with an IEP or 504).  We will revisit how this time is used based upon student, family, and teacher feedback.

What if my child is sick? Will there be recordings of the lessons?

Yes, starting in October, we are planning to upload the synchronous portion of lessons to Canvas.

Will there be work packets or pencil and paper work for my KIPPster in addition to computer work?

Yes, in each supply bag there are paper and pencil materials, work packets, and a dry erase board with a dry erase marker. There will also be science and art supplies.

How is KIPP grading our KIPPsters during remote learning?

Teachers will communicate to students and families about how to turn in completed work. Report card grades will continue to be based on students’ mastery of grade level standards.  Students who have IEPs will also receive progress reports that show progress made towards IEP goals. Student grades can be found on PowerSchool.

How will I know my KIPPster is making progress?

Your child’s teacher(s) will share assessment data with you starting in mid-October. As always, reach out to your child’s teachers with any individual questions.

How is attendance being taken and how are absences being monitored?

Attendance is being taken for core content classes K-12, students need to attend at least 50% of their classes to be counted as present for the day. Please check with your KIPPster’s school for more specific information on attendance.

Will students continue to receive English Language Learning services during remote learning?

Yes, students will continue to receive English Language Learning services throughout the day.

Will my KIPPster continue to receive IEP services during remote learning?

Yes, students will continue to receive IEP services throughout the school day through one-on-one instruction and small group instruction.

Will my KIPPster have access to counseling or social emotional support services during remote learning?

Yes, counseling services will be available for all KIPPsters K-12. Please check in with your KIPPsters teacher if you’d like to learn more about counseling services.

Will my KIPPster have access to college counseling during remote learning?

Our college counseling team is providing support during our closure. Please reach out to KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate to be connected with your child’s counselor.

How do I log on to my KIPPsters Chromebook?

Families can log on to their KIPPsters Chromebook using their students email and password. Families should receive this from their teacher, if you need this information please contact your KIPPsters teacher.

How do I log on to Clever and Canvas?

Please refer to the Canvas page for a video step by step explanation on how to log on to Clever and to Canvas.

What if I’m having trouble with our Chromebook?

Please refer to our technology page located here for more information on troubleshooting. If you still need assistance you may call our hotline at 508-296-4404

My browser says “Incompatible with Canvas”. What should I do?

Your browser may need to be updated. Please review the KIPP MA Chrome OS Update (3)


How can I protect my KIPPster from COVID-19 while learning remotely?

Please continue to follow the guidance from the CDC and the state of Massachusetts

  • Wash your hands often
  • Wear a mask in public
  • Maintain a safe distance of 6 feet when in contact with others
  • Clean and disinfect your home daily
  • Monitor your health (check your temperature)

What is the school doing to prepare for students to be in the building?

We have worked throughout the summer to have our HVAC system reviewed.  We have purchased the required PPE for all students and staff.  Lastly, we have made a significant investment in our facilities for a full list of our PPE updates please read the full KIPP MA PPE document.

What if someone in my household or my child gets COVID-19?

While we are remote we will ask that you still inform your child’s teacher so we can make any necessary accommodations.  Once we return to in-person school you will be required to notify the school nurse so we can provide clear next steps as well as provide the proper notifications to our school community.

Will I be informed if there is a COVID-19 case in the KIPP community?

Yes, we will notify our entire school community in the event there is a confirmed positive case in our school community.

What will happen if a student gets COVID-19 after being in the school with other students?

We will notify the family and ensure they quarantine for 14 days.  Additionally, we will notify all close contacts for the student (classmates, bus riders, and any other persons in close contact) so they can quarantine as well and ask them to get testing for COVID-19.  Lastly, we will notify our school community of the confirmed positive COVID-19 case.