December 5, 2023

ESOL Program at KIPP Massachusetts

The KIPP Family and Community Learning Program has been available to KIPP caregivers and community members for a little over 15 years now. The ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages) classes have been a long-standing class that has run yearly since. When the pandemic hit, these classes had to be canceled for the safety of our staff and community. We successfully relaunched the ESOL classes in January of 2022 via Zoom. In October 2022, we successfully launched the classes in person. KIPP Caregivers and community members were looking forward to finally being able to attend classes in person- the energy was palpable across campuses and all ESOL levels. This October, we welcomed previous and new adult learners into the space.


This program has been provided for our KIPP caregivers and community members for an opportunity to learn and build their English language skills through our program. Across our Boston and Lynn campuses, there have been over 500 interested applicants, and the number of applicants continues to grow. There are 90 students enrolled in our ESOL program in Boston and 105 students in our ESOL program in Lynn. Our ESOL classes are highly attended and sought after by caregivers in the Lynn/Boston Community members and surrounding communities. We currently have an extensive waitlist of students, but we still encourage interested persons to apply so they can receive updates on when the next application will be available.

Adult learners are spread across five different levels for ESOL. Our beginners class is at the introductory level. At this level, students learn the basics of the English language, primarily focusing on vocabulary and grammar. In levels 1 and 2, students combine vocabulary and grammar to form sentence structures and begin practicing their English speaking skills. In level 3, students continue practicing speaking and writing by applying daily subjects to their lessons. Level 4 is our most advanced level, where students spend much time in open discussion, refining the skills they learned before. 

Community programming aims to uplift strengths and meet the community’s unique needs to create a more equitable society. Our family and community programming is a central element of our approach to helping students and families gain the tools and skills necessary to live lives of independence and impact. It is also a way for caregivers and community members to support each other. 

Our adult learners may experience a lot of barriers when it comes to attending these classes. We understand essential situations like child care and work schedules may be challenging while attending class. We genuinely appreciate and admire our students’ efforts to attend class every Tuesday and Thursday. To celebrate our students’ hard work and success, we hold an end-of-year celebration for them in May, where they receive dinner and a certificate of completion.

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