October 27, 2023

KIPP Boston and LiveFitArmy Family Workout: A Rainy Day Success

The Family Workout  took place on a rainy Saturday morning, but it didn’t deter the dedicated participants. Their commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle was evident from the get-go. The event was tailored for students and their caregivers, emphasizing the importance of family fitness. It provided an opportunity for families to bond while engaging in physical activities together. The event featured a range of fitness activities suitable for all age groups. These activities included partner activities like weighted ball tosses, sack races, and even some friendly competition with tug-of-war!  The activities were thoughtfully designed to cater to the diverse ages and fitness levels of the attendees. Despite the rain, the atmosphere was filled with laughter and smiles. The positivity and energy of the participants and the fitness coaches shone through the gloomy weather.

“Here at LFA™️ we are passionate about helping individuals achieve their fitness goals. We had a blast assisting KIPP families in all our exercise stations! The best part was seeing the kids exercising while having fun. We’re excited to team up again with KIPP leaders to continue building a healthier community.” – Coach Dre

Participants were overwhelmingly pleased with the event and expressed their desire for similar events in the future. Caregivers and students reported having a blast and emphasized the importance of the event for both physical and emotional well-being, asking KIPP Boston to put more of these events on!! Below are some of the pictures captured that day! 

“This exercise was amazing and very mind blowing for me and my kids. Even though it was raining and short, it took a lot of stress away from my kids and even myself seeing my kids happy and able to be outside and stress free.

Not forgetting that we were the first one there despite the rain. We were so excited not even the rain could’ve stopped us from being there. Just pure excitement. I do hope that more of this becomes a reality for the near future.  

On behalf of my kids their words were fun, great activities and happy to be among friends.” -Nadira Ali Bocas

As the new Director for Family and Community Engagement, I want to give a special Shout-Out to our partners Coach Dre, Coach Jeff, and Coach Cola from LiveFitArmy! They took the time to put this event together and came out on a rainy Saturday morning! And to the members of the Family, Advocacy and Community Engagement team who came to support in this event! High-fives to Shameka Coleman, our Chief Equity and Engagement Officer. As well as Abobomi DoCanto, our Director of Advocacy and David Daniel, our family and community engagement manager for KIPP Boston! This event would not have been the same without you all! *Sending shine your way* 

Until next time! 

Alex Sanchez 

Director of Family and Community Engagement

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