April 14, 2023

KIPP Massachusetts 2023 STEM Fair

The 3rd Annual STEM Fair took place on April 12th at KIPP Academy Lynn. The STEM Fair featured over 170 students across the KIPP Massachusetts region that presented their projects to industry professionals. 


The STEM Fair is the final showcase of some of the projects that have been created by students during the second year of the Project Based Learning pilot at KIPP Massachusetts. Students in 2nd grade and grades 4-12 participated with the support of their teachers. 


6th grade students designed apps to help solve real world problems. Some of the apps included food ordering, fitness and health plans, and apps to help the environment. 


The Design and Modeling Project tasked students to create therapeutic toys for children with Cerebral Palsy. These toys included puzzles, dream houses, and pianos!


Introduction to Engineering students completed a reverse engineering project, which allowed students to take something apart to see how it works. There were at-home COVID tests, expo markers, and an iPhone case.


Our seniors in the Civil Engineering and Architecture class, who were honored at the award ceremony for helping to build the now robust Engineering Program at KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate, had a variety of projects, including a rocket launch, a re-design of current classrooms, and a GoKart.


The night wrapped up with an award ceremony that awarded a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize in each category. There was also a People’s Choice Award, which allowed those in attendance to vote for their favorite project overall.

Congratulations to all of our STEM Fair participants! 


2023 STEM Fair Winners


6th Grade App Creators

Runner up: Ecotopia by Anis Bille, Arbelis Colon Brito, Bella Calderon, Joseph Egharevba

Winner: MAPS by Evan Zheng, Jason Young


Design and Modeling

Runner up: Drum Set 4000 by John Ferreras, Gabriel Lugo

Runner up: Target Shooter 2000 by Anderson Tomas Esteban, Gaddy Lopez, Dennis Matul Deleon, Brandy Lopez Lopez

Winner: Weighted Puzzle by Lia Diaz


Reverse Engineering

Runner up: Mini Blender by Dominic Faustin, Adijat Liad, Sovanna Lay, Jaylanie Rosa

Winner: Expo Marker by Denzel Baez, Bryan Conde, Rubi Reyes Salcedo, Kelanhy Morla Cuevas


Civil Engineering and Architecture

Runner up: Operation Go-Kart by Iris Guzman De Leon, Dieuson Jean, Joshua Paulino Ozuna, Adryanna Snow

Winner: Project Escape by Michael Majano Diaz, Jose Martinez, Brian Quijada Pleitez, Joshua Torres Portillo


People’s Choice: 

Target Shooter 2000 by Anderson Tomas Esteban, Gaddy Lopez, Dennis Matul Deleon, Brandy Lopez Lopez


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