May 19, 2022

Meet Our 2022 KIPPterns!

(May 2022) The KIPPtern program is designed to help KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate graduates interview for a position, match them with the right fit, provide professional development on interning 101, and provide feedback from their mentors during their summer internship. The program offers continuous support throughout the summer to the interns along with resources to help them during their internship experience.

Meet our 2022 KIPPterns!

Erika Luna, Internship: Union Capital Boston

Erika graduated from KALC in 2020 and is currently anticipated to graduated from Endicott College in 2024.

“I’m looking forward to learning new skills and stepping out of my comfort zone. I hope that I will get useful and relevant work experience out of this opportunity!”



Grace Lukan, Internship: The Blue Lab

Grace graduates from KALC in 2022 and is entering Bucknell University in the fall. 

I am looking to gain more knowledge on how I can help my community. I am looking to put in my best work into this new experience.”






Aysha Méndez, Internship: Representative Brandy Fluker Oakley

Aysha graduated from KALC in 2019 and is slated to graduate from Skidmore College in 2023.

“This summer I am looking forward to making good connections in Boston government and helping out community. Out of this experience I hope it will push me further into the political atmosphere here in Boston and help me learn and grow when it comes to Politics and Government.”





Stacy Munoz, Internship: Senator Brendan Crighton

Stacy graduates from KALC in 2022 and will be entering Suffolk University in the fall.

I’m looking forward to working with the KIPPternship Program and getting a sense of how working in Politics is, I’m also looking forward to enjoying the summer into my first freshmen year at the beach, with friends. I’m very excited to get this one-of-a-kind experience and be able to explore policy issues because my goal is to help my community by being a voice for the minority group, this experience will get me a sense of what I’ll be doing in the future.”



Samuel Ssemakula, Internship: The Blue Lab

Samuel graduated from KALC in 2021 and will be graduating from Springfield College in 2025.

“I’m mostly looking forward to working this summer. I hope to learn more about the the justice system and how the government operates.” 







Thank you to Representative Brandy Fluker Oakley, Union Capital Boston, The Blue Lab, and Senator Brendan Crighton!

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