May 20, 2022

KIPP Massachusetts Parents Head to DC to Advocate for Charter Schools

(May 2022) “My Children, My Choice. Can’t Silence My Voice.” These words were chanted in hotel lobbies, on bus rides, and on the streets of Washington D.C. during National Charter Schools Week’s Day of Action, where thousands of charter school supporters gathered in the Nation’s capital to advocate for charter schools. Amongst the sea of people were ten KIPP parents from Boston and Lynn, making sure their voices were heard.

National Charter Schools Week took place the week of May 9th and encouraged charter school families, graduates, supporters and lawmakers to stand up and advocate for charter schools. A new proposition from the U.S. Department of Education threatens expansion of charter schools due to public funding.

As a reminder, charter schools are public schools! On A Day of Action, which took place May 11th, nearly 1,000 charter school parents from around the country gathered in D.C. to make sure lawmakers knew to #BackOff of our charter public schools.

“It was the first time I ever went to advocate. This experience was not only empowering to keep the momentum going to advocate for charter schools, but it was also beautiful to see so many charter schools, educators, and families that have the same passion as I do to keep charter schools thriving. One moment that really hit me was there were two infants with their parents at the advocacy rally, it really sunk in for me that the work we are doing doesn’t just impact our children; it impacts our grandchildren and future generations to come. “ KIPP Boston parent, Deatrice Moore, shares. 

A piece of legislation that is on the table regulates where students must attend schools. This would affect students all over the country, based on district zoning, and would force many students out of their charter school. 

Faith Morrison, a KIPP Lynn parent, states that “More is expected from charter schools with less resources.” A Day of Action aimed to encourage lawmakers to truly treat charter schools as they would treat traditional public schools: with proper funding and equitable access to resources. 

We advocate on behalf of charter public schools in order to advance policy changes that increase opportunities for kids in ALL public schools,” says Tasha Waller, a parent of a 3rd grader at KIPP Academy Lynn Elementary.

Thank you to all of the supporters of public charter schools!

“My children, my choice. Can’t silence my voice.”

Parents attended:

Faith Morrison, Maria River, Temiyemi Akinyomi, Irma Monterrosa, Deatrice Moore, Priscilla Hedgepeth, Natasha Megi-Maddrey, Roseline Felicite Mabikas, Tasha Waller, David Nok Daniel


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