March 18, 2022

Celebrating Women’s History Month: Becky Doucette

  • What’s your name and role at KIPP MA?

My name is Becky Doucette and I am the Operations Manager here at KIPP Academy Boston.

  • How long have you been at KIPP?

I’m still in my first year! I’ve been here since June. Before KIPP, I was at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  I was working in a surgery research department and also working in the COVID Vaccine Unit on the leadership team. 

  • Who is a memorable woman from history?

I think a memorable woman for me would be bell hooks, who recently passed away. She was profound in making me uncomfortable and understanding of the POC perspective of feminism. It really brought me down a notch in a good way, in a humbling way. The discomfort pushed me to grow and learn on a global level of what needs to happen for women. 

  • How are you helping make history?

Something I’m really passionate about, is that I help women budget and invest as well as actually consider their wealth and protect it in a way that makes sense for them. Women hold so little wealth in the world, but also in the US, surprisingly. It’s all volunteer work I do. I sit down with women to create budgets, and to create financial plans with them so they’re thriving, not just surviving. 

(Learn more about what Becky’s speaking to here.)

  • What’s it mean to you to be a woman?

It’s resiliency. That’s what it comes down to. I’ve never met a woman who’s met a challenge and gave up on it. Every woman I know has met a challenge and said “let me dig deeper,” and that is so important. It’s just that in the face of adversity, that’s what you do. You dig your heels in and you get through it. And that’s what women do. 


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